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Written by: Pindrop

Contact Center Fraud & Authentication Expert

Sorry folks, authentication solutions won’t keep all the bad guys out. Authentication solutions allow the good guys to be identified – but that doesn’t mean everyone else is a bad guy.   

A lot of enterprises deploy a call center authentication solution designed to ‘whitelist’ the good guys, and ‘blacklist’ all the bad actors who attempt to circumvent security procedures. But how do you stop a fraudster when you don’t have a voice print on file?

Using a voice biometric blacklist to stop all fraudsters whom you have encountered before is predicated on faulty logic. A fraudster has to be identified and voiceprinted before that print can be used to match them a second time. Voice biometric authentication solutions only work after you have a voice print of the person you are trying to identify, good or bad.  

Additionally, there are other simple methods fraudsters use to skirt around voice biometric solutions. For example, a common situation begins when a fraudster fails a voice biometric match. They insist they didn’t know why their voice didn’t match and then requests to be authenticated via knowledge based authentication questions. The answers to these KBAs are already in the fraudster’s hands – as they can easily be found on the dark web, thanks to widespread data breaches.

Lastly, a strong call center authentication policy won’t stop you from accidentally enrolling a fraudster’s voice as your customer. Without any way to detect risky behavior, outside of voice biometrics, you will always run the risk of a bad actor getting to enroll in an account before the real customer calls in.

Authentication and fraud are two separate problems that need to be addressed accordingly. Think of an airport. There are agents checking tickets and IDs, and then there are metal detectors. If you check their ID you still want them to go through the metal detector.  

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