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Written by: Pindrop

Contact Center Fraud & Authentication Expert

Part 3 – Internet of Things

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way people interact with controllers in favor of no-touch systems. In addition to improving safety, voice-first technology also enhances the customer experience by adding convenience to communication since we can speak so much faster than we can type. By enabling verbal commands to touchless control systems, communication has become more natural and efficient.

As speech recognition systems continue to mature and become more sophisticated, voice technology is poised to reach billions of users in the years ahead. Research predicts that 92.3% of smartphone users will be using voice assistants by 2023. 

Voice Technology Instances

Smart homes

A smart home ecosystem of interconnected devices and capabilities enables remote access and real-time monitoring with voice-enabled control systems taking smart home automation to the next level. Smart home hubs like Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Nest allow users to use simple voice commands to manage connected devices from a single interface.

Digital Workplace

Voice-enabled virtual assistants are helping employees boost efficiency and productivity by taking on the trivial but time-consuming tasks like scheduling meetings and interviews, setting up reminders, and more. Voice interfaces with speech-to-text capabilities can take notes for meetings, lectures, and conference calls, generate highlights and share with participants to streamline collaboration.


In healthcare, IoT voice control helps improve patient experience and deliver personalized care. A smart voice-enabled assistant can update a patient’s medical record in real-time, provide information about medications and treatment procedures, and more.

Financial Services

For the financial services industry, voice technology has been a powerful tool to improve customer service, personalize financial journeys, and gain a competitive advantage. Organizations like Bank of America and Ally Bank are utilizing text- and voice-based conversational agents to assist customers with checking their balance, setting up account alerts, tracking their spending and getting answers to frequently asked questions.

Secure and Personalized Voice Solutions Are Essential

Voice-activated technology redefines the way we interact with the world in ways we couldn’t have imagined. Voice-enabled Internet of Things is increasingly moving from smart homes to financial transactions. And even though voice control comes with certain challenges, the benefits of speed, convenience, and hands-free interactions are pushing technology towards becoming a big part of our lives.

In a living room, household, car, or office where multiple people may be engaging with devices via voice, it is critical that devices easily recognize who is speaking and be able to apply the correct profile and permissions associated with that speaker. It becomes even more critical as consumers move from simply searching for things via voice, to actually transacting and paying via voice. This ability to provide secure and personalized user engagement is what will differentiate experiences in the marketplace.


Pindrop’s solutions for smart devices provide the reliability and accuracy needed for partners to provide innovative user experiences to increase consumer engagement and retention. These Pindrop solutions are also designed to integrate with your existing voice platform including your speech-to-text engine.

When it comes to a Speaker Recognition API, the first step in leveraging voice biometrics is to have the user enroll their voice for future authentication. Pindrop’s API endpoints perform user voice enrollment by consuming an audio sample and creating a voice profile against a user identifier, without ever storing audio or personally identifiable information (PII). This makes voice authentication ideal for secure platforms that benefit from the element of privacy. When the user needs to authenticate, whether it’s for a secure transaction or a locked account, they simply need to verify their voice through a live audio sample that gets compared to the original enrollment. With Pindrop’s technology, that audio sample can be confirmed with impressive accuracy and even be identified as fake or recorded.

Power your smart device with Pindrop’s award-winning speech recognition technology to deliver differentiated experiences that consumers need. 

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