Proven Technologies

for the Modern Call Center

The proprietary technology behind Pindrop® solutions relies on sophisticated machine learning and precision engineering to help call centers detect fraud and authenticate callers.

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Pindrop Phoneprinting Call Center Technology


Analyze 1300+ features of a call’s full audio to:

  • Determine true device type, geo-location, and carrier
  • Create a high definition “print” of a calling devices
  • Detect anomalies that indicate fraud
  • Reduce reliance on KBA questions, improving CX

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Call Center Voice Biometrics Technology by Pindrop

Voice Biometrics

Build unique voice profiles of known fraudster voices and passively identify those voices on subsequent calls.

  • Create a “print” of a caller’s voice
  • Detect repeat fraudsters

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Pindrop Call Center Anti-Fraud & Authentication Network

Pindrop® Network

Deep phone number intelligence for every call from telco providers, call history, and a consortium of over 440 million calls.

  • Insights on phone number behavior and history
  • Consortium of phone number reputation data
  • Adaptable data to stay ahead of fraudsters

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Machine Learning

At the heart of Pindrop solutions are sophisticated machine learning feedback loops and consortium models. This allows Pindrop technology to constantly improve detection rates.

Providing Actionable Information

​Pindrop technologies provide two types of actionable information. First, during the call, Pindrop provides a score, assessing the risk level of the caller. Second, Pindrop creates prints that can be used to identify the caller on subsequent call attempts.