Technologies Overview

Proven Technologies

for all voice interactions

The proprietary technologies behind Pindrop® solutions rely on sophisticated machine learning and precision engineering, to help authenticate speakers and detect fraud. 

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Call Center Voice Biometrics Technology by Pindrop

Deep Voice™ Biometrics

Build unique voice profiles of legitimate and fraudulent callers and passively identify those voices on subsequent calls.

  • Create a profile of a caller’s voice
  • Detect anomalies that indicate fraud
  • Detect repeat callers


Pindrop® Trace

Siloed data leaves unfound clues that could have been used to stop fraud before it happens. Connect all of your data with Pindrop Trace. This patent-pending analytics engine powers Protect’s account risk scoring, identifying the most complicated fraud scams, and predicting cross-channel fraud up to 60 days before it takes place. 

  • Get a complete picture of fraud across the company by connecting all of your data and stitching together sparse/disparate data that may indicate fraud is happening.
  • Identify and prevent even the most complicated fraud scams up to 60 days in advance of fraud with account risk scores powered by Pindrop Trace.
  • Improve analysis by adding your own additional data from other systems (weblogs etc.) into Pindrop Trace


Pindrop Phoneprinting Call Center Technology

Phoneprinting® Technology

Analyze over 1,300 features of a call’s full audio to: 

  • Determine true device type, geo-location, and carrier
  • Detect anomalies that indicate fraud
  • Create a Phoneprint™ signature of a calling device for repeat detection


Behavioral Analysis

Analyze signals, metdata, keypress, and reputation of callers.

  • Establish keypress patterns for genuine callers
  • Gain reputation insights from the Pindrop Consortium
  • Detect robotic dialing and account takeover patterns


Machine Learning

At the heart of Pindrop’s anti-fraud and authentication solutions are sophisticated machine learning feedback loops and consortium models. This customer feedback allows Pindrop technology to constantly improve true detection rates.

Providing Actionable Information

Pindrop’s technologies provide two types of actionable information. First, during the call, Pindrop provides a score, assessing the risk level of the caller. Second, Pindrop’s technologies create prints that can be used to identify the caller on subsequent call attempts.