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VeriCall® Technology on Amazon Marketplace

Purchase Enterprise-grade Number Validation, Spoof Detection, and Fraud Risk Assessment through AWS

*Available for purchase directly through AWS Marketplace*

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Replace security questions, one-time passcodes, and other active authentication methods.

Making authentication passive can save time and money for your business while helping to deliver a more seamless and personalized experience for customers. VeriCall® Technology also detects call spoofing and delivers an additional fraud risk assessment score that helps to protect contact centers from bad actors.


Authenticate Customers Quickly

  • Eliminate security questions and passcodes
  • Expedite call resolution and shorten wait times
  • Lower average handle time by 20+ seconds
  • Improve CSAT scores

Enhance IVR & Agent Performance

  • Personalize the IVR experience
  • Expand self-service options
  • Increase self-service rates
  • Increase Agent happiness and throughput


  • Step up security for risky calls
  • Never enroll a fraudster
  • Detect spoofing and other tactics
  • Protect brand & reputation

Integrating VeriCall Technology

Pindrop provides a cloud formation template and Python script to invoke the VeriCall Technology API via an Amazon Lambda function. More technical details are available upon request.


Lightweight API


CCaaS Integrations


Works with existing call flow


No 3rd Party data required


Fast analysis time


Carrier Agnostic

Customer Results

Top US Bank

  • Saved 30 seconds in Average Handle Time for Green Calls
  • 20x Return On Investment

Top US Telecom

  • 2% Increase in IVR Containment
  • Increase in CSAT Scores

About The VeriCall Technology Platform

VeriCall Technology analyzes call metadata with machine learning to validate when a call is coming from the device that owns the number. The technology completes analysis in milliseconds and delivers scoring to the IVR to enable routing and authentication decisions. The VeriCall Technology API also delivers an additional score to assess fraud risks posed by the calling number.


Number Validation

Leverage this simplified authentication solution that uses machine learning to instantly validate over 90% of phone calls in the IVR while also detecting call spoofing.


Fraud Protection

Generated using a vast array of call intelligence derived from Pindrop’s methodology and analysis already applied to over 5 billion calls, PIN Score measures factors that include calling patterns, carrier-related risk, and number reputation

Purchasing & EDP Budgeting

VeriCall Technology can be purchased directly through Amazon using the public or private offer process available through the AWS Marketplace. Purchasing VeriCall Technology using your dedicated AWS budget also allows your business to take advantage of the significant discounts available as a part of the Enterprise Discount Program (EDP).

About VeriCall Technology

Pindrop® solutions are leading the way to the future of voice by establishing the standard for identity, security, and intelligence for voice interactions. Pindrop solutions help protect some of the biggest banks, insurers, and retailers in the world using patented technology that extracts intelligence from the calls and voices encountered. VeriCall Technology has monitored over 2.5 billion calls for companies across a variety of industries, including financial services, retail, telecommunications, insurance, healthcare, and more.