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Empowering eCommerce Call Centers

How Pindrop Reduced Fraud Losses 3X for Largest eCommerce Business

Customer challenge

With 1 in every 60 calls that came into the contact center being fraudulent, this ecommerce brand needed a solution to prevent furture financial loss without risking customer satisfaction, a core pillar to their brand. 

Pindrop solution

The Pindrop solution outperformed two other vendors detecting fraud 22% more of the time and with a false positive rate that was 58% lower than the closest competitor. In just a year, the business is on track to hit their target of reducing fraud losses 3X.

The positive impact of voice authentication and fraud security

Risk is alerted quickly
Rapid response foils attacks
Results amplified with two solutions
The retailer is on track to save >$10 million in fraud losses and an additional $1 million in chargeback processing in just the first year of utilizing the Pindrop solution

How utilizing an all in one solution saves money, while prioritizing customer satisfaction and team efficiency

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Calls Analyzed

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in Fraud Losses Stopped

U.S. e-commerce merchants have been hit with the highest fraud costs, with nearly half (47%) related to replacing/redistributing lost goods. Pindrop allowed the retailer to stop fraudsters from succeeding with transactions and further investigated the velocity of accounts that fraudsters had already impacted.

By tracking and recording all necessary intel under one system, Pindrop helped the largest eCommerce vendor solve for their fraud problem. With Pindrop, no longer can fraudsters take advantage of customer-friendly practices. Now agents have all the tooling and trained skills necessary to review all of the account information needed to accurately disposition the calls as fraudulent.

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