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Strengthening Asset Security

How Pindrop Protect safeguarded $56M in financial assets.

Customer challenge

This bank needed to gain a better understanding of the risky authentication attempts aimed at its contact center and assess the various fraud tactics employed by malicious actors.

Pindrop solution

In 2022, the bank turned to Pindrop Protect, effectively preventing fraudsters from targeting more than $56 million in commercial and consumer financial assets. This strengthened the bank’s commitment to ensuring asset security.

The positive impact of voice authentication and fraud security

Risk is alerted quickly
Rapid response foils attacks
Results amplified with two solutions

How elevating voice authentication led to asset protection and improved customer experience

0 B

in assets managed by customer

$ 0 M

saved with Pindrop®

For over 170 years, customer-centricity has been a core value for this bank. Adopting Pindrop’s authentication solutions, including Pindrop Passport and Pindrop Protect, enhanced their focus on banking fraud detection, particularly in addressing call center fraud and IVR authentication.

Curious about the origins of scam calls, the bank used Pindrop Protect to swiftly identify actionable fraud patterns and volumes. In less than a year, their efforts, supported by Pindrop’s solutions, successfully prevented fraud attacks on assets exceeding $56 million. This robust fraud detection approach underscores the bank’s commitment to protecting customers from account fraud and other threats.

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