Pindrop for Amazon Connect provides the right technology to your Amazon Connect Contact Center.

Pindrop solutions are available natively on Amazon Connect, enabling contact centers to provide an enhanced customer experience during caller authentication while fighting the rising threat of fraud.

Pindrop Technology helps Amazon Connect cloud-based contact centers in two ways:

Pindrop® Passport and Pindrop® Protect are now offered natively on Amazon Connect through Kinesis media streams and AWS Lambda functions.
Offering the flexibility of offering passive or active voice biometrics for authenticating callers, whether they’re in the IVR or speaking to an agent.
Provides real-time information to alert for fraud risk on every inbound call by analyzing device, voice, and behavior anomalies.

Pindrop® Protect on Amazon Connect

Use VeriCall® from Next Caller to:

Pindrop® Passport on Amazon Connect

Use Pindrop® Passport for:

Connecting Amazon Connect
and Pindrop

Pindrop solutions enable organizations running Amazon’s cloud-based contact center with customer authentication and fraud detection capabilities for every inbound voice interaction. And with Pindrop’s native integration with Amazon Connect, organizations can stand up these solutions in days instead of months – no telephony background required.

Amazon Connect users can easily integrate
Pindrop® Passport and Pindrop® Protect.

From Pindrop Deep Voice® technology for customer voice authentication to detecting fraudster attacks with Phoneprinting™ technology, contact centers using Amazon Connect can improve their authentication experience and help protect their contact center from bad actors and increased fraud risks.



Analyzes over 1,300 characteristics of a call’s full audio to determine its risk and catch first time fraud calls


Deep Voice™

Next-gen voice identification, optimized for noisy conditions, speaker aging, & multi-voice enrollment


Network Analysis

Analyzes ANI risk/velocity, account and carrier risk, smart white/blacklisting, phone number reputation


Heuristic Analysis

Non-monetary transactions, robotic dialing, keypress habits,


Pindrop® Trace

Graph analysis of relationships between activities, accounts, and calls across time


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