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Transforming contact center security and enhancing the customer experience with AI.

Authentication solutions to enhance call center experiences for customers on Google Cloud’s platform.

Pindrop, and its suite of voice authentication solutions, is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace. 

With availability on Google Cloud Marketplace, organizations can quickly and easily deploy Pindrop’s advanced voice authentication and fraud solutions on secure, sustainable, and highly performant cloud infrastructure. They can realize the benefits of these services faster, without having to go through another vendor.

As contact center-focused and other types of financial fraud continue to increase, organizations must balance security with customer experience when it comes to authentication. Collaboration with Google Cloud will help more customers with mission-critical services optimize for security, speed, and simplicity. Pindrop’s authentication and anti-fraud solutions provide a frictionless authentication process that crosses channels and upholds a higher level of account security, even as fraudsters’ methodologies evolve.