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How Did We Get Deepfakes?

Video Transcript Sarosh: I mean, yeah, it goes back to the app developers, right? I mean, if I wanted to swap my face with Leonardo DiCaprio, as a developer, I can use off-the-shelf tools in GitHub to go and do that, right? We’ve all seen things like the aging app as well, where I can […]

What is a Deepfake?

Video Transcript Sarosh: The act of manipulating content photographs has dated back to 1860s, just a few decades after the first photographs were taken. Deep fakes is just leveraging the latest technology and machine learning tools to automate swapping out faces in video, swapping out voices and audio, and just making it really easy to […]

3 Problems Pindrop Helps Customers Solve Everyday

Video Transcript A lot of it is what they can’t see keeps them up at night. It’s what they don’t know. So, two things in that is, how can I help them get visibility into how they’re vulnerable in the call center? We found a lot of customers have made significant investments digitally online for […]

5 Best Practices for Contact Center Authentication

Secret Questions Make for Weak Authentication At Pindrop, we’ve learned that knowledge-based authentication questions by themselves are not a strong authenticator. So when we compare Pindrop authentication to KBA, we see much improved results. We had one customer who we were able to identify that greater than 50% of fraudsters are able to pass the […]