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Congress Asks FCC for Urgent Action on Mobile Security

Congressional leaders are continuing to pressure federal agencies to address shortcomings in the security of the telecommunications infrastructure, specifically to warn consumers about weaknesses that can open them up to remote surveillance. In a letter sent Tuesday, Rep. Ted Lieu and Sen. Ron Wyden asked FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to take “swift action” to resolve […]

Congress Pushes DHS For Answers on SS7 Security

A year after flaws in SS7, one of the underlying protocols in the cell network came to the public’s attention, two powerful members of Congress are asking the secretary of Homeland Security how DHS has addressed the threat and whether the department has sufficient resources to detect and defeat SS7-related attacks. The flaws in SS7, a […]

Lieu Presses FCC to Speed Up Investigation Into SS7 Flaw

The FCC is four months into its investigation into security issues with the SS7 phone protocol, and a key member of Congress is pushing for the commission to speed up its work and also to brief lawmakers on what the probe has found so far. In letter sent to FCC Chairman Thomas Wheeler earlier this […]