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South Korean ISP Nayana Pays $1M Ransom to Decrypt Servers

An ISP in South Korea that was hit with a deep ransomware infection in recent days has agreed to pay more than $1 million to recover access to its encrypted data. The company, Nayana, said that it had been hit with the Erebus ransomware about 10 days ago, and spent several days trying to recover […]

Researchers Find Deeper Links Between WannaCry and Lazarus Group

The links between the WannaCry ransomware and the Lazarus group, which is believed to be responsible for several high-profile attacks, are deeper and more substantial than previously thought, according to new evidence unearthed by security researchers. The Lazarus group is a hacking team tied to North Korea that researchers have linked to a number of […]

Decryption Tools Help Turn Tide Against WannaCry

As the WannaCry ransomware campaign stretches on into its second week, researchers have had more and more success developing tools to help users decrypt the files on infected PCs. Last week, French researcher Adrien Guinet released a tool called Wannakey that could recover the private keys used to encrypt files on Windows XP machines. The […]

WannaCry is the Future of Ransomware

We knew this was coming. We’ve known for years that a ransomware attack on the scale of WannaCry was not just possible, but probable. What we didn’t know was that when it came it would involve a vulnerability discovered by the NSA, an exploit developed by the NSA, and a backdoor written by the NSA. […]

On the Wire Podcast: Kurt Baumgartner

The WannaCry ransomware campaign has had a remarkable effect on the Internet as a whole and the security community specifically. It has shown users just how vulnerable many of the world’s computers are, and it also has reminded experts of the lessons they learned during the heyday of Internet worms such as Code Red and Slammer. […]

Experts: WannaCry Kill Switches Just a Temporary Fix

While security researchers have had some success in preventing the WannaCry ransomware campaign from becoming a true epidemic with the use of kill switches hidden in the malware’s code, experts say those are just temporary solutions that may not last much longer. The two versions of WannaCry that have emerged so far each have included […]

WannaCry Ransomware Infections Slow as Researchers Fight Back

Three days after the WannaCry ransomware outbreak began, many organizations are still fighting it, despite some temporary solutions implemented over the weekend and the release of some tools to help stop new infections. The ransomware ran rampant through a number of hospitals, telecom providers, and other companies throughout Europe on Friday and continued to spread […]

Major Ransomware Attack Sweeps Europe

UPDATE–Attackers have hit several hospitals in the UK, along with major corporations in Spain and other countries with  a ransomware attack, disrupting network and phone operations and forcing some of the hospitals to postpone non-emergency services and divert patients to other facilities. The attack, initially detected at hospitals and other medical facilities in the UK […]

Verizon: Ransomware, Cyberespionage Attacks On the Rise

Ransomware attacks are becoming a larger and larger problem for enterprises, now accounting for nearly 75 percent of malware-related incidents in health care companies, according to new data released by Verizon. The ransomware issue has been a major concern for many companies for several years now, but it has become especially acute for health care companies. […]