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FCC Proposes Massive $120M Fine in Robocall Scheme

The FCC has proposed a $120 million fine for a Florida man who the commission alleges made nearly 100 million illegal robocalls in a three-month period, some of which hit a paging network used by hospitals, EMTs, and doctors, disrupting its service. The investigation into the robocall operation began last year after the FCC received a […]

Phishing Attacks Using SSL Spike

Phishing crews increasingly are using sites with valid SSL certificates in order to make their attacks appear more legitimate, a new report shows. In the last couple of years it has become much easier and faster for site owners to obtain SSL certificates for their sites, thanks to the emergence of free CAs such as […]

Google Upgrades Gmail Defenses Against Phishing and Malware

Google is rolling out a new set of protections for Gmail customers that rely on machine learning to help better identify phishing messages and malicious attachments. Gmail is popular among both consumers and small and medium enterprises, which rely on it for low-cost hosted email and apps. The service also is one of the larger […]

DocuSign Says Breach Led to Phishing Campaign

A recent compromise of a system at DocuSign, the electronic document signing vendor, led to a phishing campaign that’s hitting some of the company’s customers right now. Officials at DocuSign said they had noticed an increase in phishing emails to some customers and users in recent days and began investigating whether the company’s eSignature service […]

Highly Effective Phishing Attack Targets Corporate Travelers

Attackers are using the lure of airline reservations as part of a highly effective phishing campaign that researchers say is successful about 90 percent of the time. The campaign targets corporate victims, and the attackers behind it seem to be doing quite a bit of research before sending the phishing emails. The messages are constructed […]

Gmail Phishing Campaign Racking Up Victims

There is a clever, well-crafted phishing campaign targeting Gmail users that includes a fake login page that exactly mimics the real thing to trick victims into entering their credentials. The campaign has been going on for some time but it recently began to gain attention after researchers analyzed it and broke down the techniques the […]

CEO of FACC Fired After Firm Was Hit by Email Scam

An Austrian aerospace manufacturer that lost €50 million in a business email compromise scam earlier this year has fired its CEO over the incident. FACC, which makes components for the aerospace industry, said its board decided last week to fire Walter Stephan for his involvement in the scheme, after previously firing other employees. In January, officials […]

Nigerian Email Scams Alive and Well

Nigerian email scams have been ongoing for more than a decade and in that time have morphed, spread, and evolved from simple pleas for money from consumers to highly targeted schemes going after multi-million companies. And though law enforcement agencies have been following them for years, arrests and indictments related to these scams are still rare. […]

Google Testing New Account Authentication System

Authentication is one of the tougher problems in security, and a lot of companies have thrown a lot of money at it for a long time. Google is one of those companies, and the company is testing a new scheme that allows users to access their accounts without using a password. The system relies on […]