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NATO: NotPetya Likely the Work of State Attackers

The NotPetya ransomware that hit thousands of computers last week likely was created and launched by state-sponsored attackers, according to a new analysis by security experts at NATO. Based on the complexity and estimated cost of the operation, analysts at NATO’s Cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence concluded that NotPetya either was the work of […]

Microsoft Patched Shadow Brokers Flaws Before Latest Disclosure

The latest release of exploits and vulnerabilities from the Shadow Brokers came as a surprise to many observers, but not to the security team at Microsoft. It turns out that the company already has patched most of the flaws in its products that were exposed in last week’s exploit dump. The Shadow Brokers have published […]

NSA: We Disclose 90% of the Flaws We Find

In the wake of the release of thousands of documents describing CIA hacking tools and techniques earlier this month, there has been a renewed discussion in the security and government communities about whether government agencies should disclose any vulnerabilities they discover. While raw numbers on vulnerability discovery are hard to come by, the NSA, which does […]

Security Lessons From Snowden

SAN FRANCISCO–Working in the security field offers ample opportunity to learn from your mistakes, and perhaps no organization has had to go through that process more publicly and painfully than the National Security Agency. The failures that led to Edward Snowden walking out the door with a massive cache of NSA data four years ago […]

Snowden’s Long Shadow Darkens NSA’s Reputation

The massive data dump by the Shadow Brokers has become a kind of fun house mirror for the security industry. People come at it with all of their suppositions, biases, and baggage, and walk away with a distorted view of what’s actually there and what it means. There are nearly as many opinions on what […]

On the Wire Podcast: Rick Holland on the Shadow Brokers

The release by a group called Shadow Brokers of a massive amount of tools, vulnerabilities, and exploits apparently used by the Equation Group hacking team linked to the NSA has set the security industry buzzing and raised a number of questions about government surveillance, security, and foreign policy. Dennis Fisher talks with Rick Holland of […]

An Interview With Trae McAbee: On the Front Lines of the Fraud Fight

Stealing Money From Venmo Users Over SMS | Multiple Currency | Pindrop

Trae McAbee has been deeply entrenched in the fight against fraud and cybercrime for more than 10 years. As a former special agent in the United States Secret Service, he worked on electronic crimes, data breach investigations, money laundering, and cyber crime. McAbee is now an independent consultant. He spoke with Dennis Fisher about the […]