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Notorious Snake Malware Set to Target OS X

Researchers have discovered a version of the infamous Snake cyber espionage tool used by Russian-speaking attackers that is designed to infect Macs. Snake, also known as Turla, is a sophisticated piece of malware that’s been used for several years by an APT group linked to Russia. The attackers have targeted government agencies and other victims in […]

Mirai Botnet Hammers College With Two-Day Attack

A newly discovered variant of the Mirai malware recently was used in a massive, sustained DDoS attack against a college in the United States, an attack that lasted more than two days. The Mirai malware has been involved in several of the larger DDoS attacks ever seen, including one that hit the Dyn DNS provider […]

Researchers Find 36 Android Devices Pre-Owned With Malware

About 10 years ago, security researchers began warning users and technology manufacturers about the problem of hardware devices coming out of the box pre-loaded with malware. It began with digital picture frames and USB drives, and it has moved to mobile phones, with the latest example coming in the form of 36 Android phones that shipped with […]

Macro-Enabled Malware Targets macOS

A new piece of malware that targets macOS appears to be the first one that includes one of the favorite tricks of Windows malware authors: the use of macros. The malware, discovered recently by researchers, is delivered through the use of a rigged Microsoft Word document that is disguised as an analysis of America’s allies’ […]

Dridex Trojan Using New Method to Bypass Windows UAC

Researchers have found a new version of the old Dridex banking Trojan that is being used in a fresh campaign in the U.K. and employs a novel technique to bypass one of the key security safeguards in Windows. Dridex has been around for nearly three years and is descended from the GameOver Zeus Trojan, one […]

Flash Bugs Dominate Exploit Kit Landscape

Vulnerabilities in Flash and Internet Explorer dominated the exploit kit landscape in the last year, with a high-profile bug in Flash being found in seven separate kits, new research shows. Exploit kits have long been a key tool in the arsenal of many attackers, from low-level gangs to highly organized cybercrime crews. Their attraction stems from […]

Remotely Recording Conversations Through Headphones

As if attackers didn’t have enough methods for observing users’ actions, researchers have now developed a technique that allows them to use speakers or headphones plugged in to a PC as microphones to record victims’ discussions. The attack involves a technique called re-tasking in which the researchers changed the functionality of the audio jacks on a […]

Mozilla to Enforce Content Security by Default in Firefox

One of the many ways that attackers use to get their malicious code onto users’ machines is by using drive-by downloads. They often will compromise benign sites and use them to load malicious content in users’ browsers, and now Mozilla is making a ket change to its Firefox browser in an effort to make security […]

Google to Label Some Sites as Malicious Repeat Offenders

Google is planning to make life a little more difficult for some site owners who host malware, by adding new warnings to its Safe Browsing system to let users know that the sites are known to repeatedly add and remove malicious content to try and trick Google’s system. The company’s Safe Browsing system is used […]