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New Data Shows Attackers Focusing More Attention on iOS

A new report released this morning by Skycure shows that attackers are beginning to focus more and more of their attention on iOS, even as attacks on Android are leveling out . This would be the first time in iOS’s 10 year history that attacks on that platform have outpaced that of its main competitor, Google’s Android. The image […]

iOS 10.2 Security Update Fixes 12 Flaws

Apple has released iOS 10.2, fixing 12 security vulnerabilities in the mobile operating system, including two bugs that could lead to arbitrary code execution. The more serious of the code-execution flaws is related to the way that iOS handles certificates. The bug could allow an attacker to use a malicious certificate to gain code execution on a […]

Apple to Detail iOS 10 Security at Black Hat

Apple, notoriously closed-mouthed about its security technology, plans to detail three new security features of the upcoming iOS 10 operating system at the Black Hat conference next week. The company’s head of security engineering and architecture will present a talk that outlines the functionality of the mechanisms, including HomeKit, the company’s smart home controller, and […]