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FTC Shuts Down Another Tech Support Scam

The FTC has reached settlements with two people and companies who the commission alleges were using fake pop-up ads and persuasive phone tactics to run a fake tech support scam. The settlement includes a fine of more than $800,000 and a permanent ban on any of the defendants engaging in similar schemes. This settlement is the resolution […]

No Call For Ringless Voicemails

There aren’t many things that you can get broad consensus on these days, but one of them is that telemarketing and political robocalls are terrible. Some of them are illegal, all of them are annoying, and if some influential groups get their way, these calls will soon take a form that’s even more invasive and irksome. There […]

FTC Halts Tech-Support Scam That Pretended to Represent the FTC

The FTC has shut down a phone and email scam that involved scammers contacting consumers, falsely claiming to be working on behalf of the FTC and offering fake tech support services. The scheme is a twist on the old Windows tech support scam in which fraudsters call consumers and try to sell remote tech support […]

The Gory Details of Mobile Ad Tracking

As Apple and Google add better privacy protections to their mobile platforms, advertising firms have had to get more and more creative with how they display ads to users and track them as they move around the physical world as well as the Internet. One of the companies that has been at the center of […]

FTC Settles With Mobile Ad Firm InMobi Over Tracking

UPDATED–The FTC has reached a $4 million settlement with a mobile ad firm that the commission says was tracking mobile device users–including kids–without their consent. The case centers on an ad network run by InMobi, a company with offices around the world, which the FTC alleges was tracking users of thousands of mobile apps, even when […]

Home Depot Pays $19.5 Million to Settle Data Breach Suits

The Home Depot has agreed to pay more than $19 million to settle a massive lass-action lawsuit stemming from its 2014 data breach, one of the larger incidents in United States history. The settlement brings to a close what has been a long and ugly tale. The data breach came to light in late 2014 […]

FTC Hits LifeLock With $100M Penalty

The Federal Trade Commission many times will allow first-time offending companies to get off relatively easily when they run afoul of consumer-protection laws, often settling with non-financial penalties. But that generosity does not extend to companies that later violate those settlements. LifeLock executives found that out the hard way on Thursday when the FTC handed the company […]

FTC Rule Change Cracks Down on Payment Methods Used by Fraudsters

The Federal Trade Commission is trying to cut off some of the sources of money that flow from consumers to phone scammers by tightening up the rules on how specific forms of payment can be used. The changes come as consumers are facing an onslaught of increasingly sophisticated and persistent campaigns from scammers pretending to be […]