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How Social Engineering Enables a Facebook Adware Campaign

A slick social engineering campaign is using Facebook Messenger, Google Docs, and a series of malicious websites to install adware and other unwanted applications on victims’ machines. The campaign begins with Facebook Messenger messages sent to a new victim. The messages come from a contact of the victim and contain a shortened link that points […]

Facebook Launches Beta of New Account Recovery System

Facebook has opened a beta program for its new Delegated Account Recovery system, which is designed to replace traditional email or SMS-based recovery processes. The Facebook system allows users to connect their Facebook accounts with other services and use that trusted link to recover access to one of the accounts. The company has published an SDK and […]

‘We Need to Embrace the Mundane’ in Security

OAKLAND–The security industry as a whole is really good at identifying interesting new problems and coming up with fancy products to solve them. But there is still a long list of boring, known problems that no one has fixed yet, and those are the ones that need the most attention, experts say. One of those boring problems […]

Facebook Unveils Delegated Recovery Account Security System

OAKLAND–Facebook has developed a new account-recovery system that eschews the typical communications channels used for this process, and instead relies on a user’s connections with other services. The scheme allows users to regain access to accounts without providing any identifiable information to other services. The Delegated Recovery system, which Facebook introduced at the Enigma conference here […]

Facebook Releases Osquery Network Detection Tool for Windows

Facebook has released a new tool that allows administrators and security teams to search for malicious processes, browser extensions, or other problematic issues on their Windows networks. The tool, called osquery, has been available for a couple of years for Linux and OS X environments, but now Facebook engineers have published a Windows version. It’s […]

Facebook Has Difficult Road to Make Ads Unblockable

As Facebook and the makers and users of Adblock Plus go back and forth over the social network’s efforts to defeat ad-blocking software, security experts who have analyzed the situation and the technical details of it say Facebook likely is fighting a losing battle. Facebook last week announced a change to the way that it […]

Adblock Plus Blocks Facebook Ad-Block Blocking

Just a couple of days after Facebook decided to block ad-blocking software, the Internet community has reacted by producing a workaround that enables Adblock Plus, one of the more popular ad-defeating plugins, to counteract Facebook’s actions. On Tuesday, the social media giant said that it was changing the way that some ads would behave on […]

Facebook Messenger Gets End-to-End Encryption

Facebook is planning to begin a test of end-to-end encryption for its Messenger service, which could eventually bring encrypted conversations to the company’s more than 1.5 billion users. The test is due to begin today, according to reports, and will involve a small fraction of the Facebook user base at the beginning. Facebook Messenger is the […]

Facebook Releases Account Kit SDK for Authentication Without Passwords

Facebook has released a new SDK called Account Kit that enables app developers and site owners to provide a login experience without passwords. The new system, which the company announced at its developers’ conference yesterday, uses Facebook’s own infrastructure to perform authentication via SMS and email. Account Kit doesn’t require that users have a Facebook […]