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Verizon announces enhanced voice authentication service for enterprise call centers

First-of-its-kind service helps reduce enterprise self-service risk while simplifying the user experience

NEW YORK – Verizon Enterprise Solutions today announced a new solution offering authentication and anti-fraud protection for enterprise call centers on its network. The Verizon VoIP Inbound Anti-Fraud and Authentication service is the first solution on the market to integrate voice and multi-factor authentications, enabling businesses to quickly and cost effectively verify the identity of inbound callers while simplifying the consumer self-service experience.

The solution works by combining Verizon’s media forking capabilities, which enable multiple streams (or branches) of audio and video associated with a single call to be created mid-call, and then sent to different destinations, with Pindrop Security Inc.’s multi-factor anti-fraud and authentication solutions.

Verizon VoIP Inbound Anti-Fraud and Authentication is a cloud-based solution that passively captures and analyzes inbound calls to toll-free numbers within the Verizon network. It enables callers to be identified and verified by voice, removing the need for passwords.

Because the solution is integrated into the Verizon network, it removes the need for enterprises to purchase and deploy on-premise solutions, and enables them to deploy security and anti-fraud capabilities quickly and cost effectively.

“This is really about making it easy for our customers to offer enhanced and secure self-service options to their own customers,” said Alla Reznik, Verizon’s director of Customer Experience (CX). “Integrating voice authentication into the network makes it easier to identify potential fraud, while reducing agent handling times. And of course, removing the need for passwords improves the customer experience! It’s a win win for all.”

“Pindrop’s ability to identify a person’s voice, device and behavior is now integrated with Verizon’s carrier backbone,” said Vijay Balasubramaniyan, CEO and co-founder, Pindrop. “Our machine learning technologies result in a high degree of accuracy for fraud protection and provide frictionless authentication measures before the call even reaches a call center.”