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December 18, 2015
December 18 – The Week in Phone Fraud
This week in phone fraud, the anatomy of a phone fraud scam and a new report on call center fraud. On Thursday, On The Wire reported on a bank impersonation phone scam. Fraudsters pose as fraud investigators from a the victim’s bank, asking them to transfer money to a “safe” account. The criminals spoof the…
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December 11, 2015
December 11 – The Week in Phone Fraud
This week in phone fraud, consequences of the VTech breach and UK fraudsters convicted for £600,000 phone scam This week, the Associated Press spoke to Pindrop’s David Dewey to learn about possible consequences of the recent data breach at toy company VTech. Dewey detailed the ways fraudsters build profiles of potential victims by collecting small…
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December 9, 2015
What’s Next in Phone Fraud: 2016 Trends & Predictions from Pindrop Labs
It’s that time of year again. We’ve asked Pindrop Labs researchers to break out their crystal balls and make some predictions for the coming year in phone fraud. Below are a few of the trends that our team will be watching for in 2016. Scammers Hit the Campaign Trail 2016 is an election year, which…
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December 4, 2015
December 4 – The Week in Phone Fraud
This week in phone fraud, warning about holiday charity scams and police arrest a serial swatter. According to a new report from IBM, the 2015 holiday season is particularly promising for fraudsters due to the recent Paris terror attacks and the Syrian refugee crisis. Consumers should be on the lookout for calls from scammers impersonating…
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November 20, 2015
November 20 – The Week in Phone Fraud
This week in phone fraud, why contact centers matter and why you shouldn’t tweet your phone number. On Tuesday, BAI reported on the growing importance of the contact center in banking and financial services. Along with the uptick in contact center calls, BAI predicts a rise in phone fraud attempts. The report recommends, “Contact centers…
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November 13, 2015
November 13 – The Week in Phone Fraud
This week in phone fraud, hackers steal prisoner phone records and a new loophole in the IRS scam. This week, news broke of a large breach of Securus Technologies prison phone call data, exposing more than 70 million phone records of prisoners and their family and friends. SC Magazine spoke to Pindrop about how this…
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November 6, 2015
November 6 – The Week in Phone Fraud
This week in phone fraud, the FCC fines a cable company for poor call center security and US police arrest a grandparent scammer In the first such case against a U.S. cable company, federal regulators are slapping Cox Communications with a $595,000 fine this week after Cox allowed phone fraudsters from Lizard Squad to socially…
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October 30, 2015
October 30 – The Week in Phone Fraud
This week in phone fraud, scammers target TalkTalk customers after hack and a phone fraudster is on the run in Edinburgh This week, stories have begun to emerge of scams targeting victims of the Talk Talk data breach. Criminals impersonate TalkTalk employees, advising customers how to secure their account. However, in the process, the scammers…
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October 23, 2015
October 23 – The Week in Phone Fraud
This week in phone fraud, teenagers hack the CIA and pranksters hack Target’s store intercoms. On Monday, news broke that a teenager hacked into CIA director John Brennan’s personal email account. The hacker claims to have simply called Verizon, impersonating an employee, to collect personal information on Brennan. He then called AOL, impersonating Brennan himself,…
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October 21, 2015
How A Teenager Hacked The CIA With A Few Phone Calls
Earlier this week, news broke that hackers had accessed the personal email accounts of CIA director John Brennan and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson. These attacks on some of America’s most security-focused leaders sound like they must have been incredibly sophisticated – maybe the result of organized crime leaders or international espionage. But as it…
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