Secure Authentication the FFIEC Way – How Pindrop Can Help

Every day, we trust financial institutions with both our money and very sensitive personal information. Authentication is a critical need for financial institutions to maintain security and protect every individual’s account from unauthorized access. Whether this access results in active fraud or consumer data breaches, the result is costly in both money and brand reputation. […]

Deepfake Interviews: Sign of a darker future to come?

The FBI has warned of an uptick in cases where “deepfakes” and stolen personal information are being used to apply for jobs in the U.S. — including faking video interviews. These headlines can captivate readers with wild stories about how these unusual occurrences are impacting an unfortunate few. If we look at recent history, should […]

Improving Account Access Protection One Mismatch at a Time

It is not difficult to imagine a disgruntled son, using his father’s cell phone to call in and change an insurance policy or to get into his account for more devious machinations. The typical authentication solutions in today’s contact centers cannot recognize the different situations when a voice does not match with the enrolled users […]

A deeper look into Pindrop®’s latest platform improvements

The best technology makes you forget that you are using it. Because when life happens, people are not thinking about credentials or security. They are looking to connect. Pindrop has announced their latest innovations around new intelligence extracted from voice, as well as new means to investigate potential fraud, create more impactful authentication policies, and […]

Can Authentication Improve Agent Retention in your Contact Center?

Over the last few years contact center managers started putting more emphasis on the importance of agent satisfaction with executives ready to spend money to improve it. At the same time though, with the added impact of COVID-19, agent attrition rates got worryingly high. Fonolo’s 2022 State of The Contact Center Report includes a research […]

Pindrop’s latest ICASSP 2022 papers aim to upgrade audio analysis

From proposing new paradigms to cost-saving accuracy improvements, our research team is all over the ICASSP, an industry-leading human centric signal processing conference. Let’s take a look at Pindrop’s three paper submissions to learn more about these innovations. Note: The experimental results presented in these papers do not reflect the performance of our products. Paper […]

Pindrop Partners with Google Cloud

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Google Cloud to become multi-instance, multi-faceted, and, well… multi-cloud. By bringing our SaaS platform to Google Cloud, we are enabling our customers to deploy advanced voice authentication solutions at a global scale, on secure, sustainable, and in a highly performant cloud infrastructure on the platform […]

Biometric Authentication: Enhance Face with Voice

The voice authentication industry has made huge advances in performance with the application of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. On top of that, privacy advocates express concerns over the use of facial-recognition technology and in certain cases complaints emerged from users who had to spend hours waiting to have their identities verified upon failing to […]

Know when to change the locks to your contact center

Now that bad actors have made authenticating into our own accounts their business, consumers are now faced with either a lot of friction or possibly having their private information exposed to the wrong people. While a quick check on some basic “vitals” might have been more than enough before the age of data breaches and […]