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Mozilla Wants to Build an Open Voice Engine

With manufacturers weaving voice control into a wide variety of devices, from phones to cars to home assistants, the accuracy of the voice-recognition engines in those products is becoming vital. Mozilla is hoping to help improve that accuracy with the release of its new Common Voice project. The new initiative is a response to the […]

National Security Letter Gag Orders Legal, Appeals Court Rules

In a decision that has drawn the ire of technology providers and privacy advocates, a United States appeals court has ruled that National Security Letters and the gag orders that often come with them don’t violate the First Amendment. The ruling came down Monday and from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the result is […]

GhostCtrl Android Malware Hijacks Audio, Roots Devices

A recently discovered piece of Android malware called GhostCtrl apparently evolved from the well-known OmniRAT tool for desktop platforms and has the ability to steal or delete a wide variety of user and device data. GhostCtrl has an interesting pedigree and history. The backdoor is connected to a data-stealing worm known as Retadup that was detected […]

New Data Shows Attackers Focusing More Attention on iOS

A new report released this morning by Skycure shows that attackers are beginning to focus more and more of their attention on iOS, even as attacks on Android are leveling out . This would be the first time in iOS’s 10 year history that attacks on that platform have outpaced that of its main competitor, Google’s Android. The image […]

Cisco Fixes Remote Code Execution Flaw in WebEx Extensions

Cisco has patched a serious remote code execution flaw in its WebEx extensions for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, a bug that could be exploited quite easily. The vulnerability affects several different browser extensions produced by WebEx, including the Cisco WebEx Meetings Server, Cisco WebEx Centers (Meeting Center, Event Center, Training Center, and Support Center), and Cisco […]

FCC Targets Robocalls Anew

As part of its strategy to stop unwanted and illegal robocalls, the FCC is opening an inquiry into the way that providers reassign phone numbers and how they can help prevent customers from receiving robocalls intended for other people. The problem arises when one customer gives up a phone number, whether it’s a landline or […]

Phone Fraud | Damaged Trust

How Phone Fraud by Actresses Damages Customer Trust in Businesses Breaches and fraud cost businesses their reputations. If you can’t protect your customers’ data – or their money – then how can you expect to earn their trust? But sometimes keeping customers safe and maintaining operational efficiency can tug the business in opposite directions. In […]

FCC Looking For Call Authentication Systems

The FCC is looking for help in developing a system to authenticate phone calls. Caller ID spoofing has become one of the bigger problems on phone networks and is one of the main tools that fraud rings use when running illegal robocall operations. Software and apps to spoof caller ID signals are easily available and […]

Attackers Compromising Fresh WordPress Installs

Attackers are scanning for new WordPress installations that haven’t been configured yet and compromising them and then using that access to take over entire sites. The attacks have been going on since May and researchers have seen many IP addresses that typically are engaged in other attack campaigns joining in this one, too. Using automated tools, […]