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What is a Robocall and How Do You Stop One?

Robocalls, as defined by Tech Target are “automated telephone calls that deliver a recorded message,” often using caller ID spoofing to deceive recipients. Caller ID spoofing allows fraudsters to manipulate the caller ID information, making it appear as though the call is coming from a familiar or trusted number. This increases the likelihood that the […]

How Voice Authentication Mitigates Replay Attacks

Replay attacks pose a significant threat to a system’s security. They operate maliciously or fraudulently by repeating or delaying user communication. Their simplicity is their strength, allowing them to intercept sensitive data, steal session keys, or impersonate a legitimate user by exploiting valid sessions even after the original session ends. This can lead to severe […]

Banking Frauds in 2024: How We Expect the Landscape to Change

According to BAI Banking Outlook: 2024 Trends, banks’ top priorities in 2024 include growing deposits, acquiring new customers, and enhancing customers’ digital experience. BAI is a nonprofit organization in the United States that provides research, training, and thought leadership events for the financial services industry.  However, one of the biggest challenges to improving the customer […]

5 AI Trends for Contact Center Automation in 2024

Artificial intelligence, a key player in call centers, accelerates repetitive tasks and can create a seamless experience for agents and customers. In a recent survey of contact center and IT leaders, a staggering 87% of respondents affirm that conversational AI has reduced agents’ effort and costs in the contact center, boosting agent efficiency by 65%. […]

7 Best Practices for Effective Call Center Management

Call centers take thousands of calls each day, and even the tiniest of slip-ups could result in negative reviews and loss of goodwill.  Managing call center agents in high-risk industries like finance or healthcare is even more challenging, and constitutes a lot more than just scheduling shifts and reviewing performance metrics.  In order to lead […]

IVR vs. Agents: The Complete Guide to Customer Authentication

Contact centers are under significant pressure to manage calls efficiently, especially as volumes begin to rise. Customer authentication is obviously a big priority and is critical to ensuring the security of the contact center.  As a result, most call centers have to tread a fine line between managing the overall call experience, streamlining authentication processes, […]

How to Boost Agent Efficiency in Your Contact Center

Productive agents are able to take on more calls, satisfy client asks faster, and improve your CSAT scores, all of which ultimately result in improved profitability. However, keeping agents productive and finding that sweet balance between high morale and performance is not as easy as it looks.  It involves enabling agents, equipping them with the […]

How Contact Center Testing Helps Fix Inefficiencies

Efficiency plays a critically important role in providing quality service. When someone picks up the call and contacts customer service, they’re technically looking for a much faster resolution than the time it’ll take to research and resolve the issue online.  Simply put, contact centers have to balance issue resolution with providing a fast response. Needless […]

3 Things Singapore is Doing to Take Action Against Deepfakes

Singapore will increase security regarding deepfake scams in the future. Dr. Tan Wu Meng (Jurong GRC) said the issue of deepfakes is a serious matter for all democracies and called on the government to look at ways of electronically watermarking content as proof that it is accurate in the future. Emphasizing the critical role of […]