Phone Scams to Watch For in 2024

Phone scams can be a serious source of problems for many businesses, including contact centers. Unfortunately, employees are often the most vulnerable part of the business. If an employee does not know about potential phone scams, they may struggle to keep confidential data safe.  Most phone scams usually have some common traits. Learning how to […]

The Benefits of Biometric Liveness in Fraud Detection

Biometric authentication was once the most robust security measure. It used hard-to-impersonate biological traits like fingerprints to verify identity. However, nowadays, biometric authentication is not all secure. Fraudsters can bypass the authentication with 3D-printed masks, fake fingerprints, and eye replicas. Biometric liveness detection helps seal the vulnerability of traditional biometric authentication. This security algorithm uses […]

Evolving Your Cybersecurity Approach: 4 Questions Answered

According to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations (DBIR) Report, business email compromise attacks have almost doubled across their incident data, accounting for 50% of incidents. This study looked at 16,312 security incidents, of which 5,199 were confirmed data breaches.  We tuned in to hear Will Gordy, Director of Workplace Collaboration and Customer Experience at Verizon, and […]

What is Biometric Liveness Detection and Why Is it Important?

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With the rise of deepfakes and sophisticated identity spoofing, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for companies to ensure that the person on the other end is who they claim to be. Identity verification has always been of paramount importance in sensitive industries like finance and security, but as fraud becomes more convoluted, it’s imperative that organizations […]

How Voice Authentication Secure Contact Centers Against Replay Attacks

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An increasing number of contact centers and organizations that offer support are now relying on voice authentication software to reduce their cyber threat surface. Fraud is rife amongst contact centers, with bad actors relying on numerous techniques to try and fool agents. Companies that don’t use voice authentication software are exposed to many types of […]

How Voice Biometric Authentication is Eliminating Passwords

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It’s time to say goodbye to passwords! As voice authentication continues to gather steam across numerous verticals, we can likely expect it to become the next mode of authentication, with users being able to authenticate themselves using their voice instead of a random passcode. But how does it work and what are the benefits? Let’s […]

4 Surprising Findings in our New Deepfake and Voice Clone Consumer Report

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AI-manipulated media can come in multiple forms. Pindrop’s newly released Deepfake and Voice Clone Consumer Sentiment Report (October 2023) categorizes deepfake technology in various ways, from static (i.e., text, printed, written) to dynamic, which can have audio and even video elements. Regardless of the technology and how it’s delivered, deepfakes are AI-manipulated digital media in […]

How Does Deepfake Detection Work?

Deepfakes use a form of artificial intelligence called deep learning to make images of fake events or videos appear natural. These can entail creating fake photos from scratch that seem authentic, using voice skins, or even voice clones of public figures. Deepfakes are becoming a severe issue in many industries. However, with deepfake detection, companies […]

4 Steps to Understanding How Biometric Liveness Detection Prevents Spoofing

Biometrics is the automated recognition of individuals using unique characteristics of one’s identity to do so. The most common spoofing attack is within emails, but there are many others as fraudsters get more savvy to replicate one’s identity. And in a recent study, 80% of hacking-related breaches still involve compromised and weak credentials.  So what […]