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4 Top Cybersecurity Trends Discovered From Our Recent CFX Event

Ensuring cybersecurity is front and center for companies is now a non-negotiable task. That’s why Pindrop released quarterly insider sessions to check in and ensure teams were up to date and supported with the latest innovations. The event was called our Product Showcase CFX Spring Summit 2024 on March 20th, covering Deepfake, Protect, and Authentication. […]

Deepfake Dilemma: Elections at the Crossroads of Democracy and Deception

Paul Carpenter, a New Orleans Street magician, wanted to be famous for fork bending. Instead, he made national headlines on CNN when he got wrapped up in a political scandal involving a fake President Joe Biden robocall sent to more than 20,000 New Hampshire residents urging Democrats not to vote in last month’s primary. The […]

4 Essential Facts on BlackCat Ransomware for Healthcare Protection

There are indications that U.S. healthcare giant Change Healthcare has made a $22 million extortion payment to the infamous BlackCat ransomware group (a.k.a. “ALPHV“) as the company struggles to bring services back online. The cyberattack has disrupted prescription drug services nationwide for weeks. Change Healthcare reportedly paid the group a large sum to destroy sensitive […]

Using AI to Combat Healthcare Fraud

AI continues to attract attention in almost every field. Since the release of ChatGPT, we’ve been caught in a race to introduce AI in every industry possible. However, AI safety has continued to garner a lot of attention, aided in no part by President Biden’s signing of the Executive Order on AI Safety.  For instance, […]

3 Mysteries About Deepfakes and What Your Company Can Do About It

Pindrop recently hosted a webinar on Voice Theft and How Audio Deepfakes Are Comprising Security on Tuesday, March 5th. Top C-suite execs from Pindrop shared their research and insights on how Pindrop Pulse is leading the battle against deepfakes with its latest technology. As we’ve seen in the media recently, Generative AI continues to advance […]

3 Reasons Why Pindrop Detects Deepfakes Better than Humans

Humans are unable to detect over a quarter of deepfake speech samples. New research from UCL has found that humans could only detect artificially generated speech 73% of the time. This also appeared to be consistent on our recent webinar: Are you smarter than a 5th Generation Deepfake engine? where we tested our audience’s ability […]

10 Important Call Center Metrics & KPIs to Track in 2024

Call centers are generally busy spaces, with a cacophony of calls and noises heard throughout the floor. It’s very different from a conventional working space, and given the nature of the work, it’s important that businesses continue to use key performance indicators (KPIs) to determine performance.  But, with so many different metrics to track, from […]

7 Proven Ways to Reduce Costs in a Contact Center

Call centers are perceived as cost centers in larger organizations, especially support-oriented ones. This means that when an economic downturn hits, most businesses look to reduce costs by scaling down contact center operations first.  However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Contact centers play a critical role in offering support to customers and making […]

The Biggest Security Threats Facing Contact Centers in 2024 And How to Deal With Them

Call centers are generally at a higher risk of security breaches, given the sheer volume of data that they deal with on an everyday basis. Most contact centers operate in heavily regulated industries, ranging from finance to healthcare, and manage sensitive information, including credit card details, social security numbers, sensitive customer information, and more.  Needless […]