Pindrop® Protect provides instant risk assessments for calls to the IVR analyzing voice device and behavior.

PINDROP PROTECT Comprehensive fraud protection for the IVR

Most call centers don’t currently monitor the IVR so they lack full visibility to what is happening.


60% of online fraud starts with or includes a call into the IVR to gather account information; with 1 in 390 accounts accessed in the IVR at any given time will be taken over in the next 60 days.


Protect in the IVR correlates connections to fraudulent activity through an entire network for any possible indication of fraud using the latest Pindrop® Trace Technology. Determine call risk and account risk in the IVR to prevent data theft, account mining, ATO, and omni-channel fraud.

  • See what accounts high risk callers are accessing
  • Determine which callers are mining for data in the IVR instead of self service
  • Allows enterprises to take action to proactively prevent fraud
  • Data collected from the IVR is analyzed and allows artificial intelligence to find any connection between fraud and this account.
  • Alerts on high risk accounts based on behavior in any channel
  • Detects spoofed mobile numbers and ANI’s instantly

Pindrop® Protect features

  • Detects high risk calls based on Pindrop’s proprietary risks engines, Phoneprinting technology, Metadata analysis, Reputation from the PIN, ANI Validation, Pindrop® Trace and more!
  • Use risk scores to action high risk calls at any point in the interaction
  • Multi-call risk analysis and account activity monitoring to identify compromised accounts and fraud clusters
  • Predict which accounts are at risk and likly to experience an ATO event in the next 60 days enabling you to stop fraud before it occurs.
  • Detects ANI alterations and other signals that the phone number integrity is less than perfect.
  • Prevents fraudulent attempts to validate as a genuine customer

How do we use large data sets to
predict future fraud?