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Pindrop® Protect provides advanced contact center fraud detection using Voice Device and Behavior.

Organized crime rings are attacking IVRs, socially engineering
agents, and taking over accounts across the enterprise.

Fraud in the contact center is a multi-billion dollar problem; With 1 out of every 770 fraudulent calls getting to agents. It is an arms race between fraudsters and call center teams to outsmart and outmaneuver each other. In the IVR, one out of 390 accounts being accessed in the IVR will be the victim of a fraud attack. Fraud loss directly impacts a company’s bottom line, customer experience, and brand perception.


Pindrop® Protect is a multifactor, real-time, fraud prevention solution that analyzes calls into the contact center for voice, device, and behavior to find up to 80% of phone channel fraud, predict future fraud 60 days in advanced, provide a complete cross-channel view of fraud, reduce costs and review rates, and harden the company against attacks.

Pindrop Protect monitors the entire contact center for fraud attacks across multiple threat vectors (spoofing, social engineering, account mining, fishing attacks, reputation, activity, etc)

  • Protect looks for any signs of risks for inbound calls and accounts.
  • Provides a clear view of complex cross channel fraud activities (i.e. info being mined in the IVR, used credentials online)
  • Pindrop analyzes over 2B calls annually to train its machine learning models and increase Pindrop's fraud detection accuracy.
  • Monitors over 1300 features on inbound phone calls alone.

Pindrop® Protect can predict at-risk accounts based on individual calls and/or accounts where fraud is likely to occur next, even outside of the contact center

  • Correlates any connection through the entire network for any possible indication of fraud
  • Proprietary machine learning models leverage feedback from millions of confirmed fraud reports enabling detection of any anomaly that might be fraudulent.
  • Using Pindrop® Trace technology, enterprises can predict future fraud using connections based on call and transaction history.

Protect provides frontline agent defense, providing a risk score of each call before connecting to an agent

  • Detects 80% of phone fraud in real time reducing fraud loss before a transaction occurs.
  • Integrates and enhance existing decision policies
  • Allows the customer to action calls in the IVR in real time to reduce fraud
  • Save 15 man hours cost per compromised account by automated detection

Reduce Contact Center Fraud Loss

  • Reduce 80% of Fraud Calls to the agent
  • Prevented $ 1.2 Billion in verified fraud loss since 2012

Intelligent Fraud Analysis

  • Built in deep case analysis
  • Predict which account are at risk
  • Safeguard customer accounts
  • Realtime account risk updates

Omni-Channel Risk Mitigation

  • Track account risk across multiple channels
  • Predict which accounts are risk based based on behavior analysis using the latest AI

Protect Brand & Reputation

  • Avoid Negative press
  • Improve the customer call experience
  • Improved Security Posture

Protection across the enterprise from financial fraud


Determine call risk and account risk in the IVR to prevent data theft, account mining, ATO, and omni-channel fraud


Get real time call risk on every call with real-time alerts for agents on potential fraudulent callers.

Full Call Center

Provide Preventative and Real-Time fraud protection across the contact center increasing the organization’s security posture and providing a cross channel view of fraud across the entire enterprise.

Combine data streams from other channel events to enhance accuracy and strengthen the analysis


Provides protection defending contact center against threats both in real-time and analysis events over time to provide a true comprehensive fraud review for your organization