Call Center Fraud

Prevention & Authentication

Pindrop® Protect provides advanced call center fraud detection using Phoneprinting technology.

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Pindrop® Protect provides a risk score and call intelligence to the call center in the first few seconds of each call. The risk score — along with the analysis of the caller’s voice, device, and behavior — is provided to the call center’s fraud analyst team for further investigation. Pindrop’s proprietary machine learning algorithms then use feedback from the investigation to maximize solution performance.

  • FRAUD DETECTION Protect provides real-time risk alerts and call intelligence. For every inbound call, phoneprints and voiceprints are compared to known fraudsters, along with behavior anomalies that indicate fraud. Protect provides alerts against reconnaissance tactics and robotic dialing techniques, preventing fraud before a transaction can occur. Analysis of flagged fraud calls provides feedback for advanced machine learning models, enabling improved fraud detection capabilities over time.
  • PROTECT RESULTS Protect analyzes each call for fraud in real time and reduces fraud exposure and monetary losses that can reach well into the millions of dollars. Knowing the risk of each call relieves call center agents of the need to become experts in the latest fraud tactics. This can reduce or eliminate knowledge-based authentication questions, and allow agents to focus on providing better customer service.
  • ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS Protect’s intuitive case management tool flags calls based on a customizable risk threshold. It then provides full audio playback along with the call’s risk assessment, and enables fraud analyst teams to connect fraudsters working across multiple channels and accounts.

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Call centers exist to deliver fast, direct customer service, but they are not living up to that potential. Why not? Legacy call center solutions are ineffective and inefficient, creating significant problems.

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