Protecting against

call center fraud

Pindrop® Protect provides advanced call center fraud detection using Phoneprinting™ 2.0 technology.

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Pindrop Call Center Anti-Fraud Solutions - Caller Risk Score


Call centers exist to deliver fast, direct customer service, but they are not living up to that potential. Why not? Legacy call center solutions are ineffective and inefficient, creating significant problems.

Solution Requirements for Fraud Detection

Traditional anti-fraud solutions, including Knowledge-Based Authentication, ANI verification, and stand alone voice biometrics, have failed to stop attacks. Pindrop Protect addresses five critical solution requirements.

Call Center Anti-Fraud Solutions Coverage


Pindrop Protect provides intelligence on every call encountered. The analysis is passive and provides intelligence regardless of call quality.

  • Universal coverage
  • Device and language agnostic
  • No enrollment required
Improve Call Center Efficiency with Pindrop


Pindrop Protect provides call intelligence quickly, creating a better customer experience and helping to prevent data leaks.

  • Provides a risk score within 30 seconds
  • Helps reduce reconnaissance
  • Improves customer experience
Call Center Anti-Fraud Authentication Solution

Low Friction

With Pindrop Protect, call centers may allow low-risk callers to get help without extensive PINs, passphrases, and KBA questioning.

  • Transparent to customers and agents
  • Allows reduction of KBA questions
  • Doesn’t require repeated passphrases
Call Center Authentication Accuracy Solutions


Many Pindrop customers report 80% true detection rates with less than 1% false positives. Customers can set optimized custom scoring thresholds.

  • High true detection rates
  • Low false positive rates
  • Continuous machine learning improvement
Pindrop Anti-Fraud Call Center Solution


Pindrop Protect is multi-factor and not easily fooled by tactics like spoofing, voice distortion, or social engineering.

  • Detects fraud based on full audio
  • Leverages consortium intelligence
  • Uses patented technology
Pindrop Call Center Anti-Fraud Solutions - Caller Risk Score

Solution Experience

Pindrop Protect provides a risk score and call intelligence to the call center during the first few seconds of each call. The risk score, along with the analysis of the caller’s voice and device, is provided to the call center’s fraud analyst team for further investigation. The investigation feedback is used in Pindrop’s proprietary machine learning algorithms to maximize solution performance.

  • Initial risk score and call intelligence delivered to a call center in real time
  • Intuitive case management tool for case review with instant call playback
  • Automatic disabling of the voice engine for calls from restricted jurisdictions enabling geographic adherence for legal requirements
  • Out-of-the-box integration capabilities with one of the world’s largest call center solution providers
  • Spanish language support
  • Fraud scores and call intelligence monitored by Pindrop fraud experts to ensure proper tuning and performance
  • Deployed on-premises with support from cloud-based Pindrop Network intelligence

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