Protecting call centers

from the rising threat of fraud

The Pindrop® anti-fraud solution provides the world’s leading call centers with advanced fraud detection capabilities using patented Phoneprinting technology.

Pindrop Call Center Anti-Fraud Solutions - Caller Risk Score


Call centers exist to deliver fast, direct, and highly effective customer service, but they are not living up to that potential. Why not? Legacy call center solutions like knowledge based authentication, caller ID, and ANI verification are ineffective and inefficient, creating significant problems.

Solution Requirements for Fraud Detection & Prevention

Traditional call center anti-fraud solutions, including Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) questions, ANI verification, caller ID, and voice biometric solutions, have failed to stem the tide of attacks. The Pindrop® anti-fraud solution succeeds by addressing five critical solution requirements.

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Our solution works on every call encountered. There is no ability to opt out due to privacy concerns or a chance for the analysis to fail based on poor call quality. And there is no enrollment required to provide a risk score and profile for every caller.

  • Provides intelligence on every call
  • Device and language agnostic
  • No enrollment required
Improve Call Center Efficiency with Pindrop


Legacy call center security solutions are slow to provide information, increasing average handle time. The Pindrop solution provides intelligence quickly, helping agents avoid revealing private information or account access to a fraudster.

  • Provides a risk score within the first 30 seconds
  • Helps reduce reconnaissance
  • Improves customer experience
Call Center Anti-Fraud Authentication Solution

Low Friction

Authentication can add a lot of steps for customers. With the Pindrop® anti-fraud solution, call centers may allow low-risk callers to get help without extensive PIN, passphrases, and KBA questioning.

  • Transparent to customers and agents
  • Allows reduction of KBA questions
  • Doesn’t require repeated passphrases
Call Center Authentication Accuracy Solutions


Many Pindrop customers report 80% true detection rates with less than 1% false positives. Customers can set custom thresholds to optimize their detection rates and false positives.

  • High true detection rates
  • Low false positive rates
  • Continuous machine learning improvement
Pindrop Anti-Fraud Call Center Solution


Fraudsters can circumvent many legacy call center security measures with spoofing, voice morphing, or social engineering. The Pindrop® anti-fraud solution is multi-factor and not easily fooled by these tactics.

  • Detects fraud based on full audio
  • Leverages consortium intelligence
  • Uses patented technology
Pindrop Call Center Anti-Fraud Solutions - Caller Risk Score

Solution Experience

The Pindrop® anti-fraud solution provides the call center with a risk score and call intelligence in the first few seconds of a call so high-risk callers can be flagged immediately. The risk score, along with voice and device analysis, is sent to a call center’s fraud analyst team for further investigation. The investigation feedback is used in Pindrop’s proprietary machine learning algorithms to maximize performance.

  • Provides risk score and call intelligence to call centers near real time
  • Enables intuitive case management by fraud analyst teams with instant call recording playback
  • Monitors fraud scores and call intelligence (performed by Pindrop fraud experts) to ensure proper tuning and performance
  • Deploys on-premise with support from our cloud-based Pindrop Network™ technology

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