Pindrop Fraud Detection

The contact center is often the weakest link in an organization’s security. As fraudsters learn how to leverage multiple customer channels, businesses can leverage Pindrop Protect for the voice channel and the IVR.

Pindrop Protect helps contact centers detect fraud attempts throughout their organization by analyzing risk on live calls and customer accounts providing added protection against fraud attempts.

Pindrop leverages real-time risk analysis for all inbound calls and monitors the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system and can help alert on at-risk customer accounts that show subtle signals of account takeover.

Call Risk

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Account Risk

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Layers of Pindrop® Protect

Carrier Metadata and Consortium

First line of fraud defence

Carrier metadata from each and every call provides insight into risk associated with caller ID and spoofing attempts. Every call is also verified against Pindrop’s consortium of call risk data to spot fraudulent ANIs. The result? Better protection against fraud attempts from the very beginning of the call cycle.

Phoneprinting® Technology

Combines audio characteristics, such as signal-noise, codec, etc., with device type, carrier and geographical information.

At this stage, it becomes extremely difficult for the remaining fraudsters to bypass Pindrop’s patented Device Printing technologies, with many dropping off.


PindropDeep Voice™ engine performs sophisticated voice analysis to detect fraudsters and identify anomalies.

Beyond our metadata and Phoneprinting® defenses, voice analysis adds another layer of protection for call centers against fraud attacks and tactics.


Pindrop’s extensive machine learning models detect suspicious calling patterns, behavioral anomalies and account reconnaissance attempts to further strengthen call center defenses against fraud tactics.

Account Risk

Pindrop’s Account Risk feature widens the net of fraudster detection to connect the call risk with the specific account that is vulnerable to fraud due to that call. Sophisticated features like Trace further expand the fraud detection network to multiple calls, accounts and ANIs

Pindrop Protect Can Help Businesses

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Reduce 80% of fraud calls to the agent
$ 0 B
Amount of verified fraud loss prevented since 2012

Intelligent fraud analytics

Omni-channel risk reduction

Enhance brand & reputation

Protection across the enterprise financial fraud

Combine data streams from other channel events to enhance accuracy and strengthen the analysis
Provides protection defending contact center against threats both in real-time and analysis events over time to provide a true comprehensive fraud review for your organization


Determine call risk and account risk in the IVR to prevent data theft, account mining, ATO, and omni-channel fraud


Get real time call risk on every call with real-time alerts for agents on potential fraudulent callers.

Entire Organization

Combine and Share Data Streams from other channel events to enhance accuracy and strengthen the analysis

Case Study

CommunityAmerica Credit Union achieved equivalent fraud loss savings of $1 dollar on EVERY call.

For CommunityAmerica Credit Union, members are considered extended family. Their community focus led them to search for ways to continue to simplify member services and support, including improving data protection. Their search led them to Pindrop, and today Community America has strengthened their brand as a result by delivering frictionless ing member services and by providing comprehensive, flexible, and predictive consumer data protection.