Smart Homes

Smart Home Access

Meets the power of voice

Through multi-factor identification technology, Pindrop makes voice access to your home smarter and safer. 

Secure home automation

Voice control is the easiest and most intuitive way to communicate with your smart home. However, voice interactions are currently limited because they lack the power to identify who’s issuing those voice commands. 

  • Intelligence for smart devices

     Pindrop connects identity to smart devices while adding security. 

  • Frictionless Security

    Verbal passwords and speaking 4 digit PINs out loud is not an effective security solution. Add true identity to your smart home applications with Pindrop. 

  • Superior User Experience

    Keys can be lost, passcodes can be forgotten, using voice ensures you are in control and always have the access you need.  

Voice identity and security for smart homes

The easiest way to unlock a door is with your voice. 

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Home Automation Simplified

The aim of home automation and connected devices is to make life simpler. The power of Pindrop allows home security providers to pass down bank grade voice security to their customers – finally giving them the ability to conveniently and securely manage their house with their voice.

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