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Deepfakes Unmasked

The Power of Pindrop® Pulse

CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360° spotlighted Pindrop® Pulse on Monday, Feb 26, revealing its advanced capabilities in detecting deepfakes, a pressing concern for voice security in 2024. This segment demonstrates how digital deception tactics like deepfakes can easily deceive the human ear and erode trust.

Interested in a tailored demo to see how Pulse can help you avoid the negative impacts of audio deepfake fraud on your business and its consumers? 

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Against Previously
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Against Zero-Day
Attacks and Unseen Models

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How Pindrop® Pulse sets itself apart from the competition.
Designed using core tenets of effective deepfake detection.


This is particularly important for sensitive transactions (e.g., financial transactions). Our advanced proprietary technology operates in real-time, quickly identifying and flagging suspicious audio content with as little as 2 seconds of speech, thereby helping thwart potential threats before they escalate.

Continuous Assessment

To enhance protection against malicious actors potentially using sophisticated technology to bypass an organization’s authentication measures, it’s important to regularly update Liveness scores during calls as needed by customers.


Pindrop® Pulse offers deepfake detection resilient to noise, reverberation, compression, transcoding, and adversarial attacks, as proven against the University of Waterloo’s black-box scenarios. For more on its robustness, refer to Pindrop’s defense against the Waterloo attacks.

Attack Coverage

Pindrop® Pulse uses proprietary technology that can detect new deepfake engines that have previously never been seen. Deepfake engines are not one monolithic system and are created by a large set of components. Pindrop recently demonstrated the ability of its liveness detection technology to identify previously unseen deepfakes with a very high level of accuracy.


It is important for deepfake detection systems to provide explainable analysis results. Pindrop® Pulse provides a liveness score and a reason code with every assessment. This has no dependency on enrolling the speaker’s voice, and every call is atomically analyzed using fakeprintingTM technology.

7 Key Features


Designed for real-time applications, Pindrop® Pulse provides instantaneous analysis and identification of audio deepfakes within the IVR or at the contact center agent.


Protect calls with a liveness score generated and continuously updated every 2 seconds to counter evolving threats.

No friction

Liveness detection does not require enrolling the speaker’s voice enabling the risk assessment as callers naturally engage with the IVR or contact center agents.


Liveness Score and reason codes are available in automated reporting and manual data export from the UI.


Provide real-time alerts to your fraud teams so they can review the transaction on a timely basis to stop fraudulent attempts.

Fully Integrated, Cloud-Native Capability

Pindrop® Pulse offers cloud customers integration with Pindrop Passport and Protect, eliminating the need for new APIs or system changes.

of use

Consume the analysis results via RESTful APIs in your rule engines or consume it via built-in policies in the platform.

Understanding and Addressing the Deepfake Threat for Executives

In this eBook you’ll learn how to:

  • Mitigate the impact of deepfakes on customer interactions through effective strategies.
  • Integrate deepfake detection into authentication systems with proactive measures.
  • Execute key considerations when implementing deepfake protection initiatives.

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Join Us March 5

Hear directly from Pindrop’s CEO and CPO as they share their research and insights on how Pindrop® Pulse is leading the battle against deepfake audio deception.