Call Center Anti-Fraud Solutions

Call Risk Scoring and Threat Detection for Enterprise Call Centers

Identify suspicious callers on the first call using a multi-factor analysis engine and adaptive machine learning technology.

Pindrop solutions combine customer authentication and fraud detection for a uniquely smart call center solution that can tell you whether a caller is who they say they are. Until now, call centers have been forced to apply the same level of security to each incoming call. This method is expensive, frustrating for customers, and ineffective at stopping fraud.

Pindrop scores calls according to risk associated with the audio characteristics, geo- location, phone number reputation, and other factors. Within 30 seconds of the start of the call, the agent is shown a pop-up window displaying risk score and custom instructions for how to authenticate the call.

This allows CSRs to assess the true identity of callers. High risk callers can be subject to greatly increased scrutiny, reducing fraud by 80%

Pindrop Identity Assessment Engine

At the heart of Pindrop’s solutions is our Identity Assessment Engine. This engine starts with Pindrop’s patented PhoneprintTM technology, which reveals a call’s true geo-location, device type, and unique identifying audio “fingerprint.” In addition, Pindrop analyzes the threat level of a call by examining the caller’s behavior, phone number reputation, and voiceprint. This information all comes together to produce a risk score in less than 30 seconds.

The Pindrop Difference

  • First Call Anomaly Detection – Detect fraud on the first call
  • Every Call – Function in adverse conditions, on all or most calls
  • Multifactor – Examine multiple aspects of the call for accuracy
  • Collaborative – Share information across organizations
  • Transparent – Works fast and behind the scenes
  • Predictive – Detect attacks early in the Kill Chain

Case Manager

Pindrop solutions provide cutting edge tools to fraud analysts and call center technologists. On-demand call playback, advanced machine learning, and analytics enable fraud teams to effectively identify and predict fraudulent activity.

Pindrop’s Case Manager and Fraud Workspace features allow users to easily manage call data and investigation activities, offering unparalleled visibility into call center audio events. Pindrop dramatically increases the productivity of fraud analysts.

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