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Pindrop technology deployed on Amazon Connect can provide contact centers with an enhanced customer experience during call authentication while fighting the rising threat of fraud.

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Call Center Challenges

The call center is an increasingly popular target for fraudsters and a source of frustration for your customers. An estimated $14 billion is spent annually on ineffective authentication methods. Most organizations are still relying on lengthy question and answer sessions to authentication customers.  Not only does this approach extend the average handle time of the call, but the knowledge based authentication has several shortcomings:


They rely on the skill of the call center representative, who is trained to provide great customer service rather than detect suspicious behavior.

Failed Validation

They frustrate customers who are attempting to access their account for legitimate reasons, but fail to answer the questions correctly.

Ineffective Authentication

They do not use all the information available that can be indicative of fraudulent activity, reducing detection and prevention rates.

How it works

Notify Pindrop to start  analysis when a call starts  by invoking an AWS Lambda function via the Contact Flow Editor

  • Retrieve the risk score of a call using the FetchRisk.js Lambda function at any point in the call
  • The Contact Flow  can be modified to handle a caller based on the risk score, including showing the risk score to an agent via the Amazon Connect Contact Panel (CCP)
  • Risk score weighting  can be modified based on the needs of the contact center

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Key benefits

Pindrop for Amazon Connect allows you to save time and resources while still providing security and trust for your virtual call center.  The power of the AWS platform and Pindrop technology can provide an effective authentication and antifraud solution that can improve the customer experience.

Reduce average call handling time through streamlined authentication

Improve customer experience by minimizing friction from security questions

Defend against account takeover attacks and social engineering

Ease of deployment: Using simple APIs, standing up an authentication solution in your virtual call can be completed in minutes.

Global solutions that are customer ready

Discover scalable solutions that help you achieve your business needs through a combination of AWS services and APN Partners that have attained AWS Competency designations. Based on architectures validated by AWS to accelerate your cloud transformation, you can deploy solutions quickly with AWS Quick Starts and optional Jumpstart consulting offers provided by APN Partners.

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