Behavioral Analysis​

By analyzing caller behavior like call history and key presses, our technology can help identify robotic dialing or account takeover patterns.


What is Behavioral Analysis​ ?

Every caller exhibits certain behavior patterns when engaging with a contact center. By classifying the cadence of each keypress and logging historical calling patterns Pindrop’s solution establishes behavioral identifiers for every caller during authentication.


Fraudsters identify and take over legitimate accounts by using automated bots in the IVR to test large numbers of stolen credentials and credit card numbers. Pindrop’s technology fights account mining activities, brute force attempts, and robotic dialing.


Pindrop Global consortium can provide details on how often your caller is dialing you, if they have been flagged by other Consortium members, or if their number if from a deactivated account.


Every caller exhibits unique behavior patterns when engaging with a call center. By classifying the cadence of each keypress, Pindrop establishes patterns for every genuine caller for authentication.

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Pindrop Voice Intelligence & Security Report Finds Fraudsters Passed Knowledge Based Authentication Questions 92 Percent of the Time.

Learn the innovative ways bad actors take advantage of certain authentication methods to commit fraud to better protect customer accounts.

*2022 Voice Intelligence & Security Report, Pindrop

Behavioral Analysis for call centers

Using behavioral herusitics,and the Pindrop consortium enterprises are alerted to robotic dialing and account takeover patterns as well as historical behavior of the caller.

  • Credential: Analyze keypress arrival time to compare a caller’s behavior against an enrolled Toneprint™
  • Risk Score: Examine keypress interactions to identify robotic dialing and account takeover activity in the IVR
  • Coverage: Caller’s reputation and historical calls patterns can help alert to first time fraud callers.

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Pindrop’s Latest Technology Changes the Game for Caller Authentication

In 2020, Pindrop acquired New-York based company, Next Caller Inc., and with it, the VeriCall® technology—a best-in-class phone number (ANI) validation and spoof detection service. VeriCall technology is responsible for helping to streamline the call experience for customers of the country's largest brands. The solution provides near real-time caller ID intelligence to remove friction during authentication and helps to secure the phone channel by flagging high-risk interactions like call spoofing.


Measuring STIR/SHAKEN Attestationsvs. Pindrop® Technology for Contact Centers

Pindrop monitored over 260 million calls between April 2021 and June 2022, producing stunning insights that include how only 35% of calls were delivered with any Attestation at all, spoofed calls were given an Attestation A by carriers on numerous occasions, and hundreds of thousands of calls given an Attestation C were cleared for step-down authentication by PindropⓇ technology.


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From the moment we're born, we use our voices to identify ourselves, to prove who we are, and to make connections. See how Pindrop is enabling voice for authentication and fraud prevention.

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