The IRS is warning people about the “largest ever” phone fraud scam targeting taxpayers. In the interest of learning more about this phone-based threat, Pindrop has investigated the attacks and, among other things, we have successfully posed as a victim and recorded the call. What follows is the complete audio and transcript of the interaction, and our analysis of some of the tactics that these fraudsters are employing. Note that in the audio files, we have distorted the voice of the victim (a Pindrop employee) to protect their identity.


  • Attackers are using magicJack VoIP phone numbers for consumers to “call back” as part of this attack. There is no reason to believe magicJack is in any way complicit with these attacks.
  • The attackers appear to be operating out of India and are seeking approximately $5,000 per successful attack.
  • The attackers are asking consumers to use GreenDot MoneyPak service to wire money to a Paypal account.
  • As compared to previous attacks involving impersonation of the IRS, this attack involves much higher volumes, with complaints in excess of 10 times higher than previously seen. We estimate the number of attack calls has already likely exceeded 450,000 in March.

Listen to the complete call.

Read the transcript.


The fraudsters use classic call scam techniques: they use a spoofed Caller ID that looks legitimate; they use urgency and threats to keep the caller on the line and force them to act quickly; they leave behind different numbers for “call backs” and they only use these numbers for a limited time.

True to form, the IRS fraudsters made the incoming number appear to be legitimate. Occasionally, they spoof the telephone assistance service number of the IRS, 1-800-829-1040. More frequently, they call from numbers from the same area as the victim, in order to entice the victim to pick up the phone thinking that the call is from someone they know. As heard in the audio, they try hard to keep the victim on the call. And they leave behind a phone number where they can be reached, known as a “call back” number. Typically, a fraudster buys a large block of numbers from a VoIP provider to serve as these “call back” numbers.

The fraudsters are constantly decommissioning these “call back” numbers. From time to time we also see them call from these numbers directly. In order to engage with them we first needed to identify what set of numbers are being used for this purpose and find one that was not yet decommissioned.

Tracking the Attackers

Pindrop maintains the Pindrop Reputation database, the world’s largest collection of phone number data and activity. To identify the phone numbers being used we mined our phone reputation service for IRS related activity. Among the numbers used, the majority was from the magicJack service, an inexpensive, online VoIP service. The most complained about magicJack numbers were non-toll-free numbers, for example: 202-506-9XXX. The line graph shows the number of magicJack numbers associated with IRS scams over time (the IRS is a consistent target of scams).  The data clearly shows that the number of phone numbers has gone up significantly this year. Through March, we have observed 523 numbers perpetrating this scam. The total number for all of 2012 was 780.  This supports the IRS’ claim that this is the  “largest ever” phone fraud scam.

IRS Phone Scam: Number of magicJack Numbers per Month

The number of complaints associated with these numbers has gone up even more drastically this year. Complaints are in excess of 2400 calls this year to date – all of last year the number of complaints we observed was 1047.

IRS Phone Scam: Complaints per Month

The number of phone numbers and complaints are good indicators that the number of victims being targeted has dramatically increased. In order to roughly estimate how many calls are being made, we can make the assumption that a call takes 5 minutes, which includes leaving voice mails and live conversations. That adds up to 12 calls an hour. We assume an 8 hour work day for each caller and that each caller is using one of the numbers. Therefore, each number could be making 96 calls a day. At 235 total numbers observed in March, the number of calls made could potentially be in excess of 450,000 in March.

Where are the attacks coming from?

We identified a smaller set of phone numbers that our systems had indicated were still active in this scam. We then looked at what time of day these numbers are most active. We used that to maximize our chances of interacting with these fraudsters. As seen in the temporal activity graph below these fraudsters work east coast hours.

IRS Phone Scam: Hours of Operation

To determine if the attackers are actually operating in the Eastern US, we analyzed the call audio with Pindrop’s phoneprinting technology, which, among other things, can determine the origin of a call based on audio artifacts. In this case, the audio analysis showed clearly and consistently that the calls are originating from outside the US and are most likely calling from India.

Using a brand-new phone, which had not been used for any other purpose, we finally called (202) 239-7034 and after a couple of attempts we were talking with the fraudsters.


For a rare and engaging window into how phone scams work, we highly recommend listening to the audio. If you’re short on time, read the transcript. We would like to highlight a few moments that we found the most revealing about their modus operandi. Click on the player for the audio excerpt:

(0:25) – They make some basic checks to determine if the victim is someone they have interacted with previously. We suspect this is to provide the fraudster context to make the conversation real for the victim.

(1:20) – They claim to be the Federal Investigation Department, a legal department working for the IRS

(2:05) – They do NOT target Americans. They are primarily targeting immigrants.

(3:45) – Tries to see if a third party (accountant) files taxes. Claims mistakes in taxes.

(4:01) – Scam starts. Sees if there are any overseas transactions.

(5:32) – Claims $5,868 pending taxes. We created a fake victim and he already owes taxes.

(6:10) – Threat of Arrest Warrant issued.

(7:30) – Get supposed name from scammer “Steve Parker”.

(9:35) – They claim to not accept standard payment types (debit/credit cards), only Tax Pay Voucher from a Government Store such as Home Depot and Food Lion.

(11:50) – Ask for zip code and then get a store close to that zip code.

(13:30) – They settle for $2,400 for warrant cancellation fees when we say we only have $2,600.

(14:20) – They are trying to make the victim stay on the phone while they get the money together.

(17:20) – Transferred to the accounting department “Brian”.

(18:15) – They try to justify why money has to be wired to the restitutions Paypal account via prepaid card.

(20:12) – Their card of choice is GreenDot MoneyPak.



After this call, the scammers tried several attempts to call back throughout the night and morning.  This was not surprising to us; the scammers probably assumed that they had almost “closed the deal” on this particular victim. However, the next afternoon, our employee received a call alleging to be from GreenDot asking if he had purchased a MoneyPak card recently.  The caller stated that to use the card, activation was required and asked our employee to provide him with the number on the back to gain access to the money on the card.

This leads to some really interesting questions: Was this caller really from GreenDot? If so, how did they obtain the phone number that our employee had used, given that we had just acquired this phone and not disclosed its number anywhere? If the caller was not from GreenDot, is this just another play on part of the scammers to obtain the money on the card?

We continue to investigate this attack and monitor these attackers.

Peter Casanova, Raj Bandyopadhyay, Vijay Balasubramaniyan

240 Responses to Largest IRS Phone Scam Likely Exceeded 450,000 Potential Victims in March

        • Laurafromli

          Call your State Attorney General and let them know you would like the local number for the Treasury Department that is dealing with this scam in you state. I spoke to them in NY almost a month ago and I said to the treasury guy I feel bad for the elderly it was then he alluded to them targeting foreigners and not really Americans. I am pretty sure we all still remember the Nigerian I have 25 million, I just need your bank account information and we will both be very rich!

        • Steve lohrmann

          Just received the same call from 206-539-5268 said an arrest warrant had been issued on my name for tax fraud. I just hung up. I did not believe the irs would issue an arrest warrant without at least a letter first.

    • Nathalie

      I just had a similar phone call this morning with the phone number of (202)697-9226. Why isn’t anyone taking these horrible people to prison.

    • danielle charney

      got a call this morning from 609-423-1135 Princeton, NJ

      George Cooper ( heavy East Indian accent )
      IRS BADGE NUMBER 11529

      with a bunch of BS about me owing tax money and threatening legal action before a “magistrate” DUH show dumb do they think we are
      told him to shove it and hung up

      • Charles

        I too just received a call, and one prior to the one today from (213) 910-1737 claiming that the IRS is filing suit and to return the call. I did not …

        • Rusty

          I received a similar call this morning from a number close to the number you were called from…. Same story, same threat. This needs to stop. Several of my friends have received these calls. We need to cut all ties with India until they stop supporting these thugs!!!

      • Dennia Cardenas

        I got a crazy call like that today but I took it a step further I was bored & had nothing better to do I harassed them back along with like 50 friends of mine to help me screw with them dumb asses. Their English was very poor it’s hilarious

        • Jacqueline Coffin

          I have had serzeral of the same calls.Just had one 5minutes ago.I had them for the last 6 months, how they got my number I don’t know.

        • Barbara Sims

          My husband and I both received calls. I honestly don’t know how people fall for it.mthey are do obviously fake. Our numbers were: 509-233-4062 and 412-233-4062. I also enlisted the aide of friend on Facebook and we harassed the crap out of them. One lady tried to tell me that she was a police officer. I laughed and told her she was going to be meeting one for real if she didn’t stop trying to scam people.

    • Aaratrika Bose

      Today, I received a call from NY number claiming that they are from IRS and that they have issued an arrest order in my name and the local police is coming to get me in 30 min. I freaked out and kept saying that I have always done my taxes on time. Then they said that I have incorrect information on my documents and did not have any overseas transaction that they were charging me for. The lady said she will transfer me to her senior official. (they had an american accent so I almost believed them). Then the senior personnel asked me to pay $8,000 to them which is apparently what I owed in taxes. Both the male and the female kept mentioning that they had mailed me documents in the beginning of April but I had received nothing. They also had my perfect mail address. I started getting suspicious when the amount I supposedly owed was mentioned since I never earned that (I am a full time college student), so I could not understand how I could owe that in taxes. Then it got weirder when the “male senior official” further started giving me instructions to pay the amount in order to avoid getting arrested through some kind of deposit slips from government stores. They would not disconnect even when I told them I needed to dress, call cab etc. all of which raised my suspicion even more. Finally I googled IRS scam calls and figured this was a scam. I wasted almost 2 hours behind this and was almost worried that I would be arrested. People need to do something about these calls. IRS needs to take some action. Literally causing mental trauma to law-abiding citizens.

    • Mark

      call from 206-823-3027 one of their Magicjack numbers today…apparently IRS is calling out of India? I asked the agent if he every heard of the IRS scam going on now with a number to call back? He said “this is your attempt at bullshit sir, I will not stand for it…” and hung up on me 🙂

  1. Angela

    They will take visa and mastercard now. I have been messing with them for days, calling them up with fake names and “paying” them with fake credit card numbers.

    I will do anything to take these idiots down! I have spoke with the IRS, FBI and TIGTA.


    • david

      Way to go Angela! I have been calling them 70 to 100 times a day and stay quite on the line when they answer and one out of five times I will be connected to a third party (victim) long enough to alert them to the fraud, they thank me and then we are disconnected. They have called me many times apologizing and begging me to stop calling and when I do not agree they get really nasty and cuss and threaten me and carry on. I know how to get these disgusting creatures really mad. It’s really quite fun! Try it. If you don’t get connected to a third party victim you are still tying up the line and they can’t use it to screw some else.

      • j

        David, Love you for doing 70 – 100 times a day !!
        i was calling 20 or so times a day for 10-14 days back months ago.
        Now a new one is calling me 347 – 467 – 0971
        have fun, to anyone else who wants to make their lives less … fruitful.

      • allets

        I put number on redial and called them over & over. Now they don’t answer & the ringing eventually stops. I have nothing else to do today so I’ll keep calling. Maybe they’ll put an alert to stop calling my number.

    • Mr. D

      I recently got a phone call wanting 4000 dollars to avoid being arrested from a fake agent via the Treasury dept (e.g. known scam). If you enjoy playing with these jerks, then please help by calling them at 541-632-9451…it appears to be a man and female tag team somewhere in India.

    • nec

      I have been playing with them too. I called the today and said I was calling from the better business bureau, they said the guy I was looking for wasn’t available.

  2. AM

    I also received this call. My parents had been receiving the scam call alleging that it was from the IRS for months. Most of the time the scammers would leave a voice mail and ask for a call back. Almost all of the Indian families in our area have also been getting these scam calls.

    However, the last time they called, they said they were calling from the US embassy regarding a visa issue. My mom was confused and gave me the phone. I’m aware that the IRS corresponds through the mail so I immediately knew that it was a scam and I asked which number they were calling from and asked for an employee identification number. Thereafter, I was told that I was being transferred to the legal department.

    Once connected, I was asked if i was the person that they were calling for. I answered, with “maybe.” At that point the person on the line got angry and yelled “are you playing with me” a few times. I said “yes,” and then he got silent and eerily said “oiy madhur chod,” meaning “mother fucker” in hindi and then disconnected the phone. It’s been a month and we haven’t received a call back from the scammers. Before this, we used to get a few voicemails every week or two for months. Most of the time they called really early in the morning around 5-7am.

  3. Tim

    Received a pre-recorded message twice today from 202-506-9705. This is clearly a SCAM and they claimed to be the IRS. Out of curiosity I called the number back. When I finally connected with someone, the individual had an Indian accent & indicated that I owed the IRS $1,874 (which was a lie). He clearly read from a script & spoke very quickly. He proceeded to tell me that in order to avoid legal action, I needed to go to a local grocery store (such as Kroger’s) to make a payment (and they only take cash). However, I needed to provide him my cell phone number & I had to stay on the line with him to complete the transaction. When I indicated that I had never heard of such an arrangement with the IRS, I asked to speak w/ his manager. Another man with an Indian accent answered and when I indicated that I had never heard of such an arrangement with the IRS, he hung up the phone.

  4. Cathy

    I have received a phone call this morning 202-506-9705 stating the call came from IRS, lol could not owe the IRS any money for I don’t have enough for myself much less the IRS, well anyway it was a voice tape stating that I call them back and very threathing that I owe the IRS and needed to get back in touch with them and so I did and also received another voice with a recorded message, and so I left my message unkindly stated and have reported this to the BBB/POLICE AND FBI due to it was very threathing to me …thank you for posting this and letting me know who this SCAM is coming from for I have the Reverse Number look up and it is not Washington you are correct overseas somewhere???but I do hope we catch them before they get away…thank you once again

  5. Janice Fisher

    I received a call saying I had to go to a Rite Aid at 282 8th Ave and get a green Dot vouch Pak The number that called me was 573-693-2884 I almost went to get the couchers and then I realized this was not the way our goverment does business. When I told the person my phone was running out of battery He told me if I my phone hung up he was sending the Federal Marshall to my place of employment to arrest. I then realized this had to be a scam and look it up on the internet (google) and read about the scams

    • Jacki

      Hey Pete, I know this was from a couple years ago, but I was just scammed out of $2k last week. I’ve been in contact with multiple agencies, including TIGTA (Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration). They told me they are close to catching these guys after working with the Indian government. I was subtly encouraged to contact the local news. If you wouldn’t mind contacting me, I’m sure there are many more like us out there that aren’t admitting they got scammed out of embarrassment. I want to warn others and would love to have more accounts of this scam to take to the news. I would definitely leave your name or other info our of it, if you prefer.

      • Joe Slott

        My wife was also scammed.
        Would like to participate in hunting them down (there are multiple perpetrators).

        • Penny Ann Molina

          I am recently being phoned by someone and here is the script they left on my phone:
          “Very second you receive this message I need you or your retained attorney of record to return the call. The issue at hand is extremely time sensitive. I am officer Nicky Johnson from Internal Revenue Service and the hotline to my division is 315-804-6518. I repeat it’s 315-804-6518. Dell disregard this message and do return the call before we take any action against you. Goodbye and take care.”

          Hope this helps catch one of those idiots. I didn’t fall for the scam, but can clearly see why others do when you are threatened like this.
          Penny Ann

    • They got me for $500. They did the IRS scam. They had me buy an Itunes card from CVS. is there anyway to get your money back? The phone number they called from is 760-208-4327

  6. cheryl

    Received a call this morning, threating me, telling me I was in a lot of trouble with IRS, transfers me to some other bad speaking english person, says hes Officer Steven Clark, badge # 10470 his call back # 202-239-7184. I called my sheriffs dept and they said they are scammers, do not give any info….its a shame.

  7. Tom

    Received such a call telling me I was involved in TWO tax fraud issues and that notices had been left on my door on two dates. Then I was told that the IRS had jacked into my computer and discovered the tax fraud info. Then I knew it was fake as I have nothing on my home computer re tax info. All at my tax guy’s place. Indian accent and very mean and loud. When I continued questioning, she hung up after telling me that the sheriff was on the way to arrest me. Just who are these assholes anyway??? Is the FBI involved? Is there a victim hotline?

  8. Gemma Calimer

    I received a voicemail message from someone with an Indian accent purporting to be from the IRS to call (202) 241-0089 to avoid having further action taken against me. When I told him I thought this was a fraudulent call, he hung up. I called the number again and he told me not to call again, that I would get more information in the mail. HaHa. I have tried calling a few more times and first got a busy signal and then a generic ad for MagicJack. Similar story for a call from (202) 506-9726.

    • julio rodriguez

      I was called by 2028109202 I called them over400 times till it was turned off, we must call these numbers back and stop these people from call us

  9. Wendy Roberts

    Just received 2 similar calls from 202-280-7705 – caller id said WASHINGTON DC. It was a pre-recorded message by a Indian-sounding female. I recorded the second call which went as follows:

    “[jumbled – unclear] …the issue at hand is extremely concerned to you.,, my name is Kelly Jones and [hard?] line to my division is 202-280-7705. I repeat 202-280-7705, Now if you don’t return the call and I don’t hear from your attorney either then the only thing I can do is wish you a good luck as the situation falls on you.

    Again, this message is for you and this is Kelly Jones from the Internal (or did she say ‘Internet’?) Revenue Service Department. Good bye and take care.”

    Sounded like a threat to me!

    • Diania Ancrum

      I recieved a same kind of call on march 2, 2016. Said to call them back right away that i owe money. The number is 14159004372.But when i tried to call back i found out it had scammer voice mail on it. But they had the state blocked so i didnt know were they were calling from.

  10. Rob

    I received one of these today, robocall saying to call “Julie” at the IRS. Call immediately as the IRS is initiating court action against you. 202 DC number.

    Called back and same story as folks are telling above, very threatening, abusive, thick Indian accents. I talked to 2 different males. I recognize some of the script they were reading from the Pindrop transcript.

    They were wanting $6878 and threatening huge fines and years of jail time, seizure of all property, suspend driver license, etc. if it went to court. Pay within the next 30 minutes and we’ll have an out of court settlement. I hung up when they transferred me to a “restitution” department and this person demanded I “stay on the line as I walk you through going to Safeway for a tax pay voucher, or I’ll contact the DMV to cancel your license and send officers to arrest you”.

    I submitted a complaint to ftc.gov/complaint.

    • chandra

      I just became a IRS scam victim and lost $13000 yesterday. Just happened to see your comment and curious to know if you had any luck after you raised a complaint. or is there someone who can help us in this situation. I really appreciate your reply.

      • Jacki

        Hey Chandra, I was just scammed out of $2k last week. I’ve been in contact with multiple agencies, including TIGTA (Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration). They told me they are close to catching these guys after working with the Indian government. I was subtly encouraged to contact the local news. If you wouldn’t mind contacting me, I’m sure there are many more like us out there that aren’t admitting they got scammed out of embarrassment. I want to warn others and would love to have more accounts of this scam to take to the news. I would definitely leave your name or other info our of it, if you prefer.

        • I got scammed out of $500 dollars. Was tpkd by the police there was nothing they could do. Even my credit card company said it too. They had me go buy an Itunes card from CVS. He wouldnt let me off of the phone and kept saying could I get more money? A credit increase or a loan from my bank? I feel so stupid.

        • Alicia

          I have received a call/message saying a lawsuit was filed against me by the US treasury. The person speaks with a very un American accent and can not be easily understood. It was a NEW YORK number 917-732-7021. Out of curiosity I called back, they answered US Treasury, it was a different person, asked my name …when I told them , they went into the spill about my tax evasion….when I said oh really very sarcastically, I was asked why I said that…. I said our government wouldn’t contact me by phone but by mail. He got frustrated and said wait for the police and I said oh I am….. needless to say for some unknown reason we got disconnected. LOL

  11. Glock

    Got call from Mike Wilson at 281-898-6578 (magicjack) with the usually IRS claim as other stated in bad Indian accent. Called back on a spoof line and new name.
    A David Wilson started by asking for the number that was called, then name. When I gave my new name and number, after a few clicks, said the couldn’t find me. So this tells me that they are calling from a LIST of some sort, targeting people. He said he is from the criminal investigation in Houston.
    After I got tried of playing his games, I told him he is going to be reborn as a COW and be slaughter and eaten by his kids. I heard him sputtering as I hung up the phone.
    Have filed a complaint with the IRS and MagicJack {to shut the line down}. In the meantime, I have program my daemon dialer to continually dial this number.
    Have a Nice Day.

    • anthony

      I got the call yesterday and freaked out cus I was like a few days late with my IRS payment and called bACK All dum dum—some india guy asking me I crying and criminal charges are pending and I have a criminal lawyer…anyone that falls for this has gotta be really slow….

  12. Forbes

    I got a call today from Frank Jefferson with the same story directing me to 202 609 7028 to pay $6508. I hope these scammers are shut down soon.

  13. Andy

    Just got one of the scam calls, almost identical to the one described above. # 202 241 7975. I checked it is a magic jack number. They are pretty good. Apart from the fact that I know that the IRS never calls or sends e-mails. I reported it to the IRS for what it worth as well as to Y max the majic jack company.


  14. Lea

    I have had calls all summer. They started in May and continue to date. I would like Magic Jack or the government to do something about this. They call constantly and are extremely rude. And, I feel sorry for the people who actually fall for this crap! Here are some of the numbers that have called our house:


    I want something done to stop this!!!

  15. Ray Burgess

    If you really do not want to get more calls from these creeps, here’s what you do: Go to your local auto parts store and buy an aerosol air horn. Be prepared for the for the creep’s next call. If they have bee calling you a lot, you know how to do that. Before they call, gather up every telephone extension in your house; we have many in our house. Arrange the telephone handsets in a daisy circle, with the mouthpieces at the center. Keep your Bose noise-cancelling headphones handy. When the call comes through, answer. Be polite, maybe even act a little scared, like you intend to comply with their demands. As soon as you get a live person on the line, slip on your headphones, aim your air horn into the center of the circle of mouthpieces and blast away for as long as it takes. If you do this once or twice and they will not call back again. Guarantee it. Good luck!

  16. P Barnard

    I keep getting these scam IRS calls. Is there a way to jam up these VoIP lines they use?
    These are the numbers the calls were on:
    202 241-0391

    • david

      Yes, just keep calling the # back and say nothing. You may hear another victim call in and you will be connected three way and you will have a little time to tell them they are being scammed. I have alerted around 20 people they were being scammed and when they are thanking me that is when they usually get cut off. Oh the Indians get really mad when I do this and turn into vicious cussing animals. Try it, it’s fun! If enough people do this it will jam up their lines and they get very upset. One of them even called me to apologize and beg me to stop calling, ya right.

    • Jacki

      Hey Kathleen, I know this was from a couple years ago, but I was just scammed out of $2k last week. I’ve been in contact with multiple agencies, including TIGTA (Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration). They told me they are close to catching these guys after working with the Indian government. I was subtly encouraged to contact the local news. If you wouldn’t mind contacting me, I’m sure there are many more like us out there that aren’t admitting they got scammed out of embarrassment. I want to warn others and would love to have more accounts of this scam to take to the news. I would definitely leave your name or other info our of it, if you prefer.

      • Candy

        I was scammed out of $2800 on May 4, 2016. Contacted TIGTA at their website. You can also called their hotline, 800-366-4484. I spoke with a special agent with the Treasury Dept. this morning, and he is coming this afternoon to pick up the receipts and Itune cards. He told me chances of ever getting any money back was slim to none since most of the scammers are in India.

  17. david

    I have been calling the # they called me from and I stay quiet on the line until I will hear another possible victim call in. Somehow the phone lines become like a party line and you can hear other conversations. When I hear another victim I can alert them to the scam and they will thank me and then I am cut off. I have alerted around 20 people this way. The Indians are getting really mad at me for spoiling their little scam. It get great pleasure from this and will keep doing it and encourage others to try it. If you don’t get another victim on the line you are still tying up the line. They have changed their little tune from IRS agent to aggressively cussing at me and threatening me. Then believe it or not they call me and try to apologize to me and beg me to stop calling. When I told them that will not do they turned on a dime and swore me up one side and down the other, very creepy creatures! They seem to know me by now but can not seem to figure out how to keep me from calling in and ruining their little scheme! Try it!

  18. Eduardo Barayuga

    Just got a call today, 415-234-9569 (Julie, Michael, Kevin — all indian accents) threatening to send the Sheriff on me then when I said I had the money gave me instructions to go to Rite aid and get a Tax Payment Voucher which rang alarm bells on my head. Called the police and handed them the phone. Threatened to come to my house in 30 mins. Got about 20 calls after from 1-800-829-0922. Main regret I gave them my social security. Dont know how I can protect myself with them having my information (SSN)

  19. John

    Just got hit by this. They are very convincing. The IRS “Investigator” said his name was Steven Torrez and gave me his call back number of 323 952 8460 – x110. After much back and forth claiming they were sending police to my house with an Arrest Warrant and I had “no option” to pay the back taxes, they transferred me to another IRS person who said I had one other option to cancel the warrant – to to go to the local Safeway with cash to buy a “Tax Payment Voucher”. I knew at that point it was a scam.

    Please let others know this is going on. Luckily I didn’t give them any money or info. they didn’t already have, but easily could have fallen for this if they had been smart and just asked for my credit card number . . .

  20. Kelly

    they just tried to scam us the telephone number 415-506-1282 then lady’s name was Julie Smith that left the message it was an automated system saying it was a time sensitive matter when I called them back it was exactly the recordings that on the site right now that I just listen to, The same foreign guy I wish these people would get a job and stop trying to scam from the hard-working people Lord have mercy on their souls!!!

  21. jan

    have held them on the phone for 1 hour 45 minutes so far. I am supposed to be driving to the bank. I called 202-241-8724 and talked to Steve Clark or Clarker or Parker and then transferred to Dexter Kruse. Steve has india accent, Dexter much more refined english. I am supposed to go to Rite Aid with cash and get a tax pay voucher for $5735 and meet someone LIVE at my home address. I have not told them my home address.

  22. Robert

    Over the last two days I have received numerous!! calls from “officers” from the Federal Tax investigations Department. 202-241-9729,202-239-1547,607-767-7096,607-767-7994. They play one of three different recorded messages stating that they have received a legal complaint against my phone number, address, and social security number. “If you disregard this phone message, you will be the only legally responsible individual and will face prosecution”. If you call the number they asked me if my name was Lerond Leon and when I told them no they hung up on me. Subsequently, I have called them and asked them not to call me and they hang up before I can finish usually. I asked them who they were calling once and the man was speaking Farsi to the other one in the background and then hung up after about twenty seconds with no further reply. I called the last time and heard a recording that stated that the Magic jack customer that you called is unavailable. I have been called 14 times in the last twenty four hours.

  23. Nelson

    IRS fraud continues from 415-506-2398. This is a disgrace. Perhaps magicJack’s activities should be limited to prevent them from providing overseas fraudsters with U.S. phone numbers. Indian law enforcement should be engaged to bring these individuals to justice.

    • kammy

      Scammers from 253-656-4890 and 202-239-0770 claimed to be from government grants I actually fell for it can someone help me get my money back? Someone should do their job to stop this shit!

  24. selle

    Get these calls and messages on a regular bases from Washington DC number. I just say “This is the IRS, Please leave your number and we will call you back” I hang up and take the phone off the hook. BASTERDS!!!

  25. selle

    Well when they call, I put Willie Nelson Music on. I never say anything. They hang up after a while and call again. I just unplug the phone. I feel sorry for them because they do not live in our amazing county and are very poor and desperate. Maybe we should shed the “Light of God and Country Music on them”. This is my fix.

  26. Rag

    Similar stories as above. I got a call from 661-374-5915. Some dude named Jonathan and need to go to Rite Aid and make a payment if not I get arrested blah. blah.. dont fall for it.

    if you have amended your taxes or have a payment plan, CALL IRS AND CONFIRM. Don’t make a payment to these scammers.

    IRS website states, they will NEVER call you!! the first line of communication is through regular mail.

  27. ALP

    And I thought I was the only one ! My callers # 202-241-0006. Pretty much the same pitch as the rest of you that posted comments. I only wish I had been home to take that call. Upon calling back, Magic Jack told me that this customers voice mail box was full and to try again later. Tried again today and it’s still full. Guess he’s been real busy extorting others. I am going out right now to buy a bull horn. What a marvelous idea.

  28. Mike Tims

    The best way to stop these scammers is to call back and say something like, “Hello, I am Agent __________ of the U.S. Treasury, and it has come to the attention that you have been impersonating employees from our institution in order to defraud victims through false claims of money owed. Be aware that we have obtained a warrant for your arrest via Interpol, effective immediately.

    Chances are, the scammer will listen in shocked silence and then he and his gang will think twice about calling again, at least for awhile. The “warrant” should be through Interpol, because the Indians involved will think that they are otherwise safe from U.S. authorities.

  29. Torpedo

    Last summer I had 2 messages on my ans machine in one day. I can’t remember his name, but both calls came from 202 area.Same type of threats as everyone else has been getting. I just got another one about an hour ago. Didn’t recognize the #, so let the machine answer. Had to play it 3 times to understand the very very broken English. If he is James Parker, I’m Sophia Loren! If I don’t call him back(he gave me my ID #) “You will be arrested by the local cops.” His toll free # 888-492-7750.

  30. Steve F

    “Julie Smith,” “IRS agent,” called me four times yesterday using the return number of 415-506-1297. I spoke to Magicjack online chat and they told me to contact “upper management” at ReportAbuse@magicJack.com, which I did. (Good luck with that.) Now this number is all over the web along with the name of the associated fake agent “Julie Brown.” So, the question is, if this is a Magicjack number, why haven’t they blocked it and contacted the IRS, FTC, etc.? Perhaps they don’t give a hoot?

  31. Brook Smith

    Just had an automated message on my answering machine saying it was an urgent matter from IRS stating property may be seized if message not returned and time was of the essence. Jonathen Francis badge number 023577, answered when I called back, told me that taxes from 2008 to 2013 were done incorrectly in a willful manner to fraud the IRS. He then said a warrant would be issued from my arrest within the next few hours. Had me worried for a bit until I did a reverse lookup on phone number. The number he called from was 216-302-2084.

  32. Not a Scammer

    Isn’t is funny that all these scammers have thick Indian accents but have American names?
    I spoke to Eva Adams claiming that she’s the IRS. Now I have her number, I listed a few fake craigslist ads with her phone number. I called back to mess with her more, she seems pissed off from getting so many calls about the iPhone 5s for $180. Hahaha
    I will F with them until they disconnect the number.

  33. Chetan

    I just got a call from the same number from Jonathan Reed. He left me a voice message to call him back , Irritating . What a time waste.

  34. Cindy

    Just received one of these this morning from : 559-836-5820. Hanford, CA is where it says it is from. Guy said his name was Kevin Peters with an Indian accent. Told him I knew it was a scam and that the IRS does not lock people up for owing back taxes. He wanted to know how I knew this and that cops would be at my door in 45 minutes. I hung up but called back and some Indian woman answered the phone ad if she was a receptionist. After I gave my name, she hung up. Called again and “Kevin Peters” told me that they did not like that I called them a scam! Really? Maybe I will call back and see if I can alert another caller like some other folks have done. That would make my day!

  35. Dana

    Texas number 210-418-4651 started leaving automated IRS messages with a strong Indian sounding accent over the last couple of days, at odd hours. Finally, I just answered to Steve Martin (???) from TX and, again, with the same heavy accent. I told him that I would call IRS myself and get the details of “my case.”

  36. SGL

    Rec’d a call today from “Steve Martin” 754-484-1237 at my OFFICE! The IRS Website does show that the first line of communication will be through the mail… Almost got me!

  37. Bill

    Today I got the IRS scam call from: 4152340645. A call came in claiming it was the IRS fraud unit.
    Let me say, I think they are getting a little more polished because the “agent” used a correct IRS code section violation, and further claimed the indictment for tax fraud was being issued by the
    Federal court in Los Angeles (where I live). Usual assertion,I had to stay on the line because he was on the phone with the clerk of the court, and could only take the matter “off the court’s calendar” if I got payment to the IRS within 2 hours. I initially bought into the story, and headed to the bank–so as to buy a Payment Voucher at the nearest Safeway Supermarket.
    While at the bank, took a deep breath, asked the “agent” why there wasn’t a simple IRS attachment on one of my accounts done, then why he was so adament I shouldn’t tell my bank this was for a payment of tax lien, and finally asked if you’re with the IRS, tell me my social security number? He then hung up.
    I feel stupid I almost fell for it, and have deep sympathy for anyone who got scammed.

  38. Tammy Christine

    How does this happen?? If I impersonate an officer, I would go to prison! These people are impersonating the government???

  39. Rae

    I received a message on my answering machine today 1/6/15 at 5:00pm. It was an automatedvoice saying this was my last warning from the IRS and they were going to file a lawsuit against me. Left a number for meto call. I recorded the message and will gladly let the IRS listen to it. The number on my caller ID was 937-566-3621 . Looked it up on white pages APP it said it was a landline in Wilmington Ohio . I know this is fraud . I intend to call the IRS and the attorney General of my state. These bottom feeding scumbags need to be stopped!!

  40. Got call from Nick Wilson. Same threats as above. Given 3 hours before I am arrested. 727 471 9196 is the number he’s using. Will get air horn or whustle later. Will return call at around 1am.

    • jody

      got the same call went to my home number hubby felt coul be legit but they sounded threatening so he gave my number/
      I checked this out and felt it was freud name nick Wilson of federal test criminal investigation department told swore out bench warrant for my arrest told to call 727-471-9196 am ignoring it but should let someone know

  41. chf

    585 444 7122
    585 444 7121


      MY wife is 70yrs i am 74yrs old i have recive phone calls saying that i own money to the irs dont fall for phone calls scams if you are on soc security you dont have to pay any tax
      two the irs will sent out a letter to you whey dont call.so just be such you hang do not give out your personal info credit
      card info remember the irs haves all your info about you already.your name address phone soc security numbers ect.so if
      they call back witch they will say if you do not pay up you will go to jail.I am sure you are going to take cash and meet then on a walmart parking lot or sent money by west uion out of the usa.ALLWAY check with your local irs office frist.

  42. stephanie ramsey

    Two days ago these evil aliens got me going to the bank and because I was taking too long they did not believe I was getting the money. They called my cell which came up as HOME and I answered thinking it was my kids and the person was impersonating the Pasco county sheriff saying he was waiting for me in my home to arrest me. I called the police. I want these sick evil people to be locked up.

  43. stephanie

    They pretended they were in my home waiting to arrest me after I did not think this was real. While out on my cell they called me and the number came up home, thinking my kids were calling me I answered. I called the police had house checked and kids. Impersonating police and IRS government, and scaring the heck out of me that some sick thing was in my home with my kids!! This scam has got to stop!

  44. diana

    they have callled us three times today around 7!!!!!!!! they have no chill and they target indians or immigrants.
    they started cursing at my dad when he said ‘you’re lying” omg they need to get arrested forreal. why isn’t it n cnn or fox news

  45. maria

    I received a call from 510 342 5919 said he from the department of corrections name David parsons sounds Indian heavy accent that a complaint was made on my name and social security number and a warrant was issued for my arrest if I didn’t call lawyer. The lawyer Robert Mckeon 347 905 5596 never answered kept ringing and ringing no answering macine. The next day sent me a text telling me the warrant was issued for my arrest I needed to call the lawyer to stop the warrant. I never called again reported to FTC and attorney general where else can I complain?

  46. tony

    i received a call from eva adams claiming she is calling from the IRS and this message will be recorded for court purposes because i owe tax and errors of fraud on my taxes. She then proceeds to ask a few question such as have i filed bankruptcy, have i ever send money oversea, and etc….. i then asked do i have anything to ask her before she send the authority out with a warrant to arrest me, i kinda knew it was a scam i replied by saying can i pay the taxes i owe, she said no. i find it really odd that she didnt want money, but wanted to arrest me. i think called IRS directly to make sure i dont owe anything and filed a complaint. becareful of these indian accent scammers. the number they called me with was a 203-485-2136.

  47. Lakshmi

    I got a call from 202 239 1793 and IRS Officer Ron Davis left a message stating that legal action will be taken if the message is ignored. I sent an email to magicjack to shut down the number if it is theirs.

  48. John

    I received several calls. I new it was a scam. I gave them a taste of their own medicine. I called back using *67 and then their number, blocking them from seeing my phone #. It says unknown or private call on their end. I called back many times and would mess with them. Play music, Fog horn and many other annoying things to get them frustrated. The # that works best is 1-844-854-5518. Also call 1-202-684-3436, 1-206-201-2044 or any other number in the previous blogs. Some get nasty and some will try to hold a conversation. The more people that will call and keep their phones busy the less people they can scam. Good luck and have fun.

  49. name

    Got a call from this number: 571-210-5561. These guys claimed to be with the IRS. Nice chat with Frank/Ray/Michael, who all claim to be officers. I was told that I had an arrest warrant out for me and that I owed the IRS $2000. They were incredibly rude and threatened me over the phone.

  50. jeff

    I threaten them with seriously voice ( their number 2067457885) couple times today 2/24/15, seems they disconnected the line 2067457885 right the way, after that. (I try to do another call to them and the tone sounds like disconne.ted tone). They will use different line anyway.

    Dont tolerate them.

  51. DdlS

    Got called by an indian accented Mark Cooper from DC with the same story everyone here is relating here. Number is: 202-241-2288 Beware!!

  52. Kenneth

    I got the call yesterday. I was confused for the first few minutes, then…

    IRS agent will call local cops to show up in my door and revoke my driver’s license with DMV??? All for just my personal income tax issue??? Appearently, this person never stood in a line for 4 hours in DMV for a simple registration renewal.

    Unfortunately, such inter-department cooperation doesn’t exist among the US government agencies, unless you’re involved with terrorism or something to that magnitude.

    All in all, it was a good reminder of what some people will do for free money. It was funny too, in a way.

  53. brian

    i got a call from 2064625425. he identified himself as Andy McKay..x119 badge#16810201. he wanted me to stay on the line and go to a safeway and withdrawl $959.oo

  54. j

    frank from irs called me…Told me I had tax fraud charges against me and the sheriffs were coming to arrest me and I needed a criminal lawyer because I ignored their registered letter.Had me for awhile because I was the hospital with my son.No sleep and not functioning well had me thinking I was done…..I called frank back later and told him I would find him

  55. Robin McElhone

    Just received a call about an hour ago that I did not answer. The caller identified himself as Officer Andrew Stanley from the Internal Revenue Service-did not give any badge number-and said “this message is for you.” He explained the message he had was time sensitive, a return call was necessary, and disregarding this call would result in a bad situation unfolding for me. He had a heavy India accent and sounded very insistent and even threating at times. He left the number 804-510-2476 for the call back and insisted myself or my attorney of records must call him to avoid adverse consequences. My husband called back posing as a state sheriff who was on to the scam of these guys and he hung up without response.

  56. Kelli

    I just got one of these calls today. He had a horribly thick Indian accent. Said he was Officer Andrew Stanley. Well if his name is Andrew Stanley, then I am Mother Theresa!! I was talking to someone, so I let it go to voicemail. I had to play it twice to understand him. I was to call back immediately or have my attorney call back. It was a time sensitive matter & if he didn’t hear from me right away, he would wish me well for the matter would unfold badly upon me. I am reminded of a simple card game called, BULLSHIT!!!! I have never been in trouble with the IRS and wasn’t about to believe this load of crap. The first thing I did when I got done listening to the message was Google his ‘name’ and oh looky there, I came across pages of sites that said it was a huge scam. Just like I thought it was. I will be calling my local FBI office now.
    The number he called from was 804-414-2453. He told me to call 804-414-2553.

  57. John Alexander

    Somebody left a message on my home phone’s voice mail. He said he was officer Mark Wharton from police department, and that his colleague, officer John Schumaker, had a complaint against me. I knew this was a scam, so I played along. This was actually the second time I received such a call, and both times I played along just to piss them off. I called them back on the number 347-627-0808, and, just like the last time, it was a guy with Indian accent, telling that he was officer John Schumaker, and that I owed the IRS $2,396.00. Then I was “transferred” to the payment department. I was given two options: either appear the next morning at 11 am at Federal Courthouse, or pay the amount of $2,396.00. And since they were supposed to be from New York’s office of IRS, I needed to pay immediately with Paypower Reloadit Card, which they said it was “Government Voucher”. I was even provided with the nearest supermarket store to get the “government voucher”. They said, “Don’t hang up. We’ll wait until you get the card”, eventhough I said it would take at least 15 minutes one way to get to the store. So finally I ended up my “participation”, by telling them in Hindi language (since they were all Indians) a word that rhymes with “mother bucker” in their language (I googled the word). And several other foul languages, just to frustrate them. And basically I played along for 19 minutes, just to piss them off. I just wanted to waste their time, so that during that time they cannot scam other people. The scam is always manned by Indian-accent people, and I have seen a report on local TV channel, that this scam preys on elderly people, milking them from their savings and pensions. But I think in my case, they targeted me because of my last name, which sounds like a foreign immigrant name. They prey on the fears of immigrants, I think.
    I think we should all waste their time, next time somebody calls you. We can both waste their time, and demoralize them at the same time.

    • Efraim Kahn

      I hade the same story yesterday with officer Mark Wharton from police department, and that his colleague, officer John Schumaker And the same call back number

  58. M. A. E.

    Phone number of 201-419-6091 from Hackensack, NJ – message said to call back. Person who picked up claimed to be from IRS Crime Investigations. Indian accent.

  59. M. A. E.

    Could there be a class action lawsuit against magicjack or other VOIP companies for not protecting US consumers? Sprint? T-Mobile?

  60. Ben

    Just received a call about an arrest warrant and that they were sending officers to an address in a state that I have not lived in since 2002-2003. When I told him that I didn’t know that address he hung up.

    The call came from a NJ number so not sure if this is one in the same but hope this helps.

    201-419-6091 Hackensack, NJ

  61. RK

    This has been extended to UK as well. Got a couple of calls from IRS and Federal investigation department. The same story plot.
    When i lied and said.. how you got my number because i just purchased this number two weeks back and No one has this number of mine.. so he simply disconnected the call.

    A Similar call received today from CrimeStoppers.. Infact the truecaller does displayed CrimeStoppers calling.. i was worried.. but when i called back on that number, the actual department said.. we cannot do outgoing calls from this number as our agency has this number for incoming calls.


  62. Scott

    I have spoken with these scammers today. They called from 360-203-3292 and also Georgetown Financial 202-686-9000. Told them I did not have a cell phone. They told me to go to US Bank and deposit to Acct# 1630 7131 0383 and route# 091300023 and the name: Abigail Sakpeidah. I am supposed to deposit the money and then fax my receipt to them at 206-888-4598. “Gabrielle” is supposed to call back at 15:00 to make sure I have done this and have told no one! Wish I could reach thru the phone and… well you know! They just called. On the phone with them now!

  63. Efraim Kahn

    I got a call 3:30 on my home phone with the caller id saying out of area 911 and they left a message saying that they’re calling from the police deportment that they have to arrest me because i didn’t pay some tax and should call back the officer on 347-627-0808 … we have have a Jewish radio station called Kol Mvaser and they have there from time to time interviews with people that have been victims of such calls and they all-was say that the IRS is not calling anyone for money and 911 is not a number that appears on the id, so i called him back saying that i’m who ever i am….. so he said that i have to pay for the IRS $1895 or they will arrest me, i told them i don’t have so much money lets do it for $1300 (i did this because a officer is not allowed to do settlements he has to follow orders) he said okay lets o $1300 now and $500 next week, i told him listen up i don’t have that money please do it for me i’ll give you $1300 and settle the case for me, he said then alright i’ll do it for you, he told me to go to a Walmart store and get a gift card and the whole processes they have how to get out the money from you. after telling him that i done have a Walmart in my area he told me that he will check a closer store in my neighborhood, while he was searching i asked him officer tell me how many people did you screw today …… he started laughing and 3 and hung up the phone PLEASE WATCH OUT DO NOT BE AFFRADE IF YOU SEE 911 ON YOUR ID THE POLICE WILL NEVER CALL YOU WITH SUCH A NUMBER AND TH

  64. Elena

    I got a call today from 347-377-0872 from Officer Esther Rose (Badge # 852741) in NY, who then transferred me to her supervisor investigating officer from the IRS, Elyssa Brown (Badge 640012), both thick Indian accent telling me that I have a warrant out for my arrest due to tax evasion and that it was a recorded line. They asked for my address and I did not give them any information they asked. They wanted me to pay “warrant cancellation fees”. This is total BS as there is no such thing. The IRS will always send you certified mail, and you would first know that you are being audited. A bunch of scam artists made in India who never heard of working for money, they just want to steal law abiding citizens’ hard worked money! Wow, they should be traced down and thrown in jail and issued arrest warrants first – the real kind to get a taste of their own medicine!

    • FAH

      I just got the same call from Esther Rose as well from the number (347) 797-5241. The supervisor was nasty and had someone else call from a “911” number asking for my address. I hung up then and called 911. Why would the police ask for my address when they need to arrest me? That does not make sense.

  65. KDR

    Received a call from telephone number 202-864-1661, left VM on my cellphone
    Stated it was “Officer Steve Parker from the Internal Revenue Services” was clearly a computer voice

    mentions “Tax Fraud” or “…before you get arrested…”

  66. Brandy

    I got a call today from 202-600-8086 claiming to be the IRS and they were suing me. When I called the number back an Indian ? man answered the phone, “IRS.” Like they do that. Anyway, total scam, they hung up on me when I said it sounded like a scam.

  67. Bob

    2015 August 7th 1:00pm

    Agent Esther Rose just called me with a slight Indian accent. Complete felonious scam. It’s hard to imagine how a human being could do that to someone else.

  68. Dovin

    These are most likely coming from Pakistan. People outside the Indian Subcontinent can’t tell the difference in accent. The phrases and accents used are very typical of how Pakistanis speak in english, influenced by their mother tongue – Urdu.

  69. Sam

    Almost fell for this.
    They have spoofed all the local PD numbers. If you hang up now you get a call from the local PD.
    Called form the local PD threating to come and arrest me. Gave me a false badge number. When I asked him for a badge number after 15 mins it was different. Busted.
    Waste of time. I hope the FBI looks into this scam.

  70. Natalie

    I got a very similar call today, scared me to death at first, I kept asking questions, “send the letter where?”, I’ve moved and notified the post office, she kept saying the last 5 years, well I haven’t worked in the past 5 years there for cannot possibly own any taxes. Gave the name of Alyssa Brown, had an “English” type accent and kept saying police are on their way, ok you don’t know where to send the letter but know where to pick me up?

  71. Matt

    Received a call today from 904 638 5023. I asked for a number to call them back and they gave me 904 638 5032. They are both fake numbers. I have a foreign sounding last name so they are targeting people who might not sound american

  72. Dada

    Got similar phone calls from three different phone numbers: (904)638-3921, (347)632-1929, and (347)989-3976..Lady with Indian accent (Sarah Wilson) threating to send pollice and arrest me… I

  73. jk9267

    Victims of a large number of calls such as spoofs calls and scam calls have been listed by the government for such treatment along with physical harassment also known as gang stalking.

  74. Will

    Got the same call from (646) 583-2343. When I called the IRS and checked I called back and cursed them out.

    What else can we do about this?

    • Lauren

      Got my first call this morning at 5:55 imagine! Before six am! A 310 area code saying the IRS has filed a lawsuit against you. Call us back immediately. I called the number several times and it said all circuts are busy please try your call later. What idiots!!!

  75. Mary

    I received a very aggressive call from an Esther Rose on Tuesday Oct 21, 2015, from the phone number 347.467.1031, IRS Badge ID 852741, Warrant Arrest # 585902 (also Case ID #). She rambled on about the FBI being involved, Homeland Security Services, Stated that the IRS sent me CP200 notice as well as a CP11 notice on 8.27.2015. Said I owed $5,281. The perpetrator called 8 times before I called back.

  76. Brian Leonhard

    I had a fraud call saying,” this is the irs we will be filing a lawsuit for the monies you owe”
    The number they gave is2023610435

  77. TS

    Just got a call from so called Officer John Hamilton badge # 23579 saying I was in violation and federal improsonment charges and when asked to explain he flipped out and became threatening and accused me of being unreasonable, he clearly had a foreign accent

  78. Man U

    I got a call from 911 saying that an arrest warrant has been issued on my name and I got another call from IRS “8005554477” and this number is legitimate when I checked IRS website.

    IRS guy asked my name and I asked him “Without knowing my name, you issued arrest warrant?” then immediately hungup.

    911 guy called me and asked me what happened. I said “He didn’t even know my name and issued a arrest warrant”. Immediately he also hung up.

    Why is so hard to arrest these guys? Its been going on for very long time.

  79. Sandra

    I just went through this nightmare call with “Alyssa Brown”. Amazing how well they try to manipulate you and threatening you with getting arrested by the police. Thank god i found this website that confirmed to me it was a scam. When i read this i was still on the phone with her, and said “oh so you are the one doing all these scam calls to people ha?” she said: the police will be coming to arrest you now mam, have a good day” and hung up. But i got to laugh and tell her “i caught you, i caught you hahaha!
    The government should do something about this!
    stay aware people..

  80. Edward

    I just received a call today from agent Kate Anderson (light Indian accent), badge number 359287, tel number 718-502-6571 and 206-777-1088 , who claimed that she was calling from a special joint task force for Homeland Security and the Internal Revenue Service. She had my full name (including middle), last four digits of my SSN, former mailing address, and other personal information. Once she launched into her “lawsuit has been filed by the IRS” routine for tax evasion and money laundering, I was perplexed, especially when she told me that my recent activity transferring foreign funds was specifically being investigated. My wife works in Brazil and we do transfer money between the two countries, so I was alarmed to say the least. Too many red flags made me skeptical however, and I finally hung up. After confirming the scam on the IRS website, I dialed the call back number and told the scammer that the IRS and FBI had been notified. She actually laughed and hung up. I’m going to do the Craig’s List plan–thanks for the great idea.

    • Cristina

      I had same person calling me, Kate Anderson badge #359287, phone number 347-826-8124. Fricken people scared me but didn’t ask me to pay. Said she was going to hang up then police would arrive shortly after.



    Y0U THE NUMBER 202-413 5117

    mRS jEAN EIENSTOT 2106144617 1/19/16

  82. G.White

    I had an India sounding rep saying he was from the IRS and I had a lawsuit against me. I flat out told him he was a liar and he said fine, you will get a lawsuit.
    Telephone numbers associated with this idiot

  83. David

    Unfortunately these guys have gotten even more brazen. For me they wanted 8900…a higher amount than I have heard other people say when telling their stories. I won’t lie..like a lot of people panic overtook me and was scammed…but was more brazen and which woke me up was that after initially successfully getting me they then said that in order to finalize my out of court resolution I needed to file some paperwork in federal court to get the lawsuit against me suspended. They then said I had to have a criminal attorney representing me. They then said I could either hire my own or I could use the IRS attorneys. They then strongly recommended I use theirs because it was going to be much cheaper. When I asked how much he was like “20,000” but he would give me a 50% rebate.so 10,000.

    This is when the whole scam fell apart. When he hung up the phone I actually did call a lawyer who was the husband of a coworker of mine and he was like …this sounds like a scam.

    They actually had me, and I feel stupid, but then they got greedy and that’s when I finally put aside my panic to say …hold on this doesn’t make any sense.

    These guys are not targeting just immigrants anymore…I’m in the Air Force. The security office on base said that they’ve gotten dozens of calls from service members since the start of this year.

    These guys are getting more brazen

  84. John Adams

    Has anyone asked to be arrested ?
    You can claim to be homeless and an arrest would provide you a place to stay and food. Being homeless, you have no money as well as no cell phone.

  85. Rick

    Received 2 calls recently from 202 350-9071. Automated message indicating call was from IRS and that I need to call back and settle tax liability. Message indicated Federal Magistrate was involved and this was my last notice.

  86. Art

    I received 2 calls almost immediately one after another. Susan (Federal Investigation Department) and David -or something with a huge indian accent- from the IRS. Same story, same narrative, same scam…just ignored them.

  87. Philip Anchutz

    Crazy, these guys had my home address so I am assuming that Magic Jack is complicit.

    Seems one of these guys has his number going to his house and I woke him up! He wasn’t in the call center like the rest. I got his number from this thread, definitely give him a ring throughout the day he was really bothered that I woke him up:


    The number that called me and IS in their call center is 202-239-5345. Same story as the rest of these posts.

    Kind of worried they have our home address. How is it possible FTC/FBI are not investigating MagicJack? Also, our magicjack expired long ago but we still get these inbound calls..

    Odd stuff thought I’d post the info here in case it helps anyone. And don’t forget to give these guys a call often 🙂

    Thanks all!

  88. Bruce

    Scammer’s caller ID: 646-720-9392 –

    Bunch of Indians running scam claiming to be US Treasury – will want your money. I know they were Indians, since I am Indian too – I know the accent.

    I called this number back, since I am in Indian residing in US, I was able to speak to them in local language and the 3 guys I talked to started yelling F** Mother language to me – clearly scammers – I told them to get a real job, and the main guy “Mark” yells back saying he won’t and continued with the usual abusive language.

    Feel free to call back and talk “french” to them since clearly they are more than willing to do that.

  89. Liam

    I’ve gotten a number of calls — they left text messages for me to call different numbers for a transcript of the message. I haven’t called back but I suspect a scam … interestingly, when I text back “who are you” the text re-routes back to me; and even if the return numbers are the different, they show up in the same text message box as if they were the same.

    the numbers:

  90. Jadaxia

    Got a call today from 202-621-0987. Happy to know I’m not alone. After reading these comments, I decided it will be fun to troll them. 🙂

  91. sn

    i got a call from IRS itself and made me as a victim and i lost 14865$. please be carefull

    IRS will not ask money via phone … particularly via moneygram .. i think these guys has connectivity with moneygram officials. and doing all these type of work.

  92. Doris

    I got a call today from a scammer the number is 206-900-8885, told me I was being investigated and that I owed back taxes and that I would be arrested by Homeland Security, I did not give them any financial information they did not stay on the phone long when I told them I do not know what this is about.

  93. Gits

    Had one scammer call me today…first i was so freaked out…but after asking her why IRS have not sent a mail to me she started telling me that i had legal charges against me already, IRS was going to freeze my account, will be jailed for up 5 years….i told her go ahead come for me….she hung up.

  94. G Johnson

    Had these morons call me today and give me the same IRS pitch! At first they sounded real until red flags started popping up and I figured out it was a scam. Called them back numerous times and told them to F&$#**f. What was really funny was one of them telling me the same but with an Indian accent! Friggin hilarious! So I decided to have some fun with these meatwhistles! I have a spoof card account and I bombarded them with a mass of spoofed calls so my own number wouldn’t show up, but a bunch of strange numbers. I called over and over and would hang up. There was three same guys that took turns answering the phone. I actually annoyed them so much they shut their current call back number down! They called me with 2 different numbers but ever since tying up their system I haven’t got any more calls. They rotate numbers a couple of times a day, and when they are done with a number and you call it back later you will get a Magic Jack advertisement. Also I noticed when you call they ask for your actual number, not to verify your identity but to get the actual number that called them. They also use a list of randomly generated numbers, computer dialed, and when they get a hit they leave a call back number. So what the heck, call’em back and give’em hell! Cheers everyone

  95. Marco Anotnelli

    This is super easy to stop. I received multiple calls from (509)207-4167 a phone number that is provided by Level 3 Communications
    Telecommunications company · level3.com
    company headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado. It
    Customer service: 1 (877) 253-8353
    I spoke to their fraud department several time and yet, they did not disconnected the number after 48hr.
    level3 should be held responsible for this scam.

    Why is no one doing anything to stop this dbags?

  96. anna

    I have been getting calls from fake IRS people everyday for moths. Here are the phone numbers: 720-639-8042, 202-239-8654, 206-307-0059, 254-247-7968, 303-993-0180, 321-624-2661, 325-380-4745, 331-701-2980, 407-845-9175, 443-354-9334, 517-743-6199, 530-615-3294, 563-723-0493, 571-319-5833, 651-666-1997, 720-639-7986, 720-639-8002, 720-639-8156, 762-231-2012, 817-761-5253, 832-413-0598, 877-889-1795, 972-213-0026, 210-529-5144, 210-529-7558, 210-519-0224

    • Elle

      You can add 860-801-1582 to that list. Says his name is Barry Hunter (with an accent so thick you could cut it with a knife). The phone number is a New Britain, CT phone number and when you do a reverse lookup for it on Switchboard.com, when you click on the link for the person who owns it, they don’t give a name but they do say that the phone number is a 100% spam phone number, that EVERYONE who has reported the number has reported it for this exact same reason. Barry Hunter my eye.

  97. Swati

    i got a call from 911 stating they have an arrest warrant against me . I asked what is it for , if u r unaware about your warrant which stated that I was involved in money laundering . He transferred my call to IRS and they enacted me whole thing I was in, said there is a criminal record logged on my ID and I will be sent back to my home country .. Bla bla.. scared me , trapped me and asked me to transfer $2986 towards my warrant cancellation and ID protection. Really, that guy is a master cheat, feeling ashamed to know that all these things are done by Indians and they are targeting innocent dependent visa households.. Please be aware of these kind of CALLERS and SCAMERS.. I lost $2000 and all this made me psychologically sick , not able to come out of this shock!!! Please please be alert!! Any such calls stating 911or IRS or USCIS specifically with Indian accent are !!!!!!RED FLAGS!!!!! Be safe

  98. Jennifer

    I received a voicemail from 786-272-0861 with a recorded female voice (sounded like one of those computerized voices) stating this verbatim:
    “The second you receive this message I need you or your retained attorney of record to return the call. The issue at hand is extremely time-sensitive. I’m office Nicky Johnson from Internal Revenue Service and the hotline to my division is 786-272-0861. I repeat it’s 786-272-0861. Don’t disregard this message and do return the call before we take any action against you. Goodbye and take care.”

    So… at first, I was like, ‘Wha…??’ and I called the number out of curiosity and played along. I knew quickly it was a scam, as they said they knew my first name to be Jennifer. Well, I do go by Jennifer, but it’s my middle name, and the IRS knows that. I did not correct the man. Also, they had called my google voice number. The IRS has my home number on record. Plus, the guy’s Indian accent kind of made it all the more silly. He called himself “Officer James Anderson” and went on to tell me that I needed to pay close to $3000 right away; otherwise I would be arrested and my fines could reach $96,000. I would lose my home, my car, my assets would be frozen, and I would be unable to work in the USA for 5 years; oh, yeah, and I could be in prison for that long as well. And my passport would be confiscated (I don’t even have a passport)…. At the end of the call, when I wouldn’t bend, he asked what I wanted to do. I said, “Do what you gotta do, man. I’ve got to go to work.” And I hung up… LOL… just to be sure of everything, I did call my sheriff office and ask; they confirmed it is a SCAM. Period. I knew that, of course, but I was glad to get immediate confirmation. Sheesh…..


  99. Chris

    Yeah, I had one of these idiots call me the other day and first it was a lady saying that the IRS has filed a lawsuit for improperly filing my taxes for 2010-11 and that an arrest warrant would be issued on me if I didn’t comply or if I hung up the phone.
    She asks, “Do you want to resolve this and don’t hang up because the authorities will pursue you if I feel you are noncompliant.”
    Playing along I say sure.
    Then I’m connected to a guy who says that I need to follow his directions carefully. He asks me to put my phone on speaker, change and drive to the bank where I will be given further instructions.
    I say first of all…no. Second, you’re a liar and an idiot, and if you want to send in this so-called warrant, go ahead.
    He becomes furious and says I will be going to jail for not complying. I laugh which makes him even madder and he hangs up the phone. I’ve been trolling these fools calling them up and scaring them with legal action, FBI getting involved, blah blah blah. They either get mad or really scared.
    But really, these criminals need to be stopped

  100. H HAzziez

    mine was from 216 273 3814. I didnt give up any money but like an idiot i did give up my full name and address. am i screwed?

    • martinlou

      seems like anybody can get anybody’s address (they already have your name and phone number) at any time by a few clicks of the mouse. If you had given them any account numbers, or your soc., you might want to be proactive.

  101. Baker

    I got one of these calls while eating my steak at the local bar. I immediately recognized the scam. I passed the number to my friends in the bar. Can you imagine what a bunch of drunk Texans had to say to these idiots? Some of the drunks were really inventive– I could never repeat it here! The bar was soon roaring with laughter. It was a hoot! The Indians soon dropped all pretense and started cussing when they heard a Texas accent, but they even sucked at that!
    The number stopped ringing after about an hour.

  102. Eddie

    They called me too, her name was Kate Anderson from number 347-627-0581. They basically told me the same thing they told Jen. They said the police would be picking me up in 45 minutes and to contact my attorney. She didn’t want any money at the time, she just wanted to let me know that I was going to get picked up by the police. I’m assuming someone else will call me later requesting payment. I’ll be ready for them when they call again.

    • Chris

      Kate Anderson gave me a call today as well from 347-414-9257. Exact same MO, didn’t ask me for anything, just informed me that a legal case had been filed against me, I would be arrested within the next 45 minutes and that I should use that time to find a tax lawyer. I included as much detail as possible in complaints filed with the FTC and Treasury bureau.

  103. S

    Got the voice message today from two numbers: 786-358-0951 and 786-358-0959:

    “This call is officially a final notice from IRS (Internal Revenue Service). The reason of this call is to inform you that IRS is filing lawsuits against you. To get more information about this case file, please call immediately on our department number: 786-358-0951. I repeat, 786-358-0951. Thank you.”

  104. Paul

    I called back a missed call on my cell yesterday, area code 305-713-1042 they answered the phone as IRS officer Peter Anderson badge number Irm50162 And wanted me to verify some Information. When I initially said no and what was this about they said they could not tell me until I verified my name. Again said to them know and if they don’t tell me what this was about I was going to hang up. (Already I don’t think this was going his way.) He said to me that I could be Facing five years of jail time falsifiction of taxes ..he gave me a date that was just eight years ago. I said to him that I paid it ..he said the irs has no record of it and they are going to freeze my bank account ..I again told him that i paid it .. He put me on hold which ended up being a silent hang up .
    This happened during my work time so I ended up mentioning it to a coworker who said she had a friend that works For the irs for 35 years after talking to her friend the IRS does not make house calls ,and threaten people the way this scam artist try to threaten me. Knowing this I ended up calling the number back again and speaking to a guy named officer Jack Lawrence and his IRS number was 2856. I said to him that I thought he was full of SH I T and all he could say to me was don’t call here again and hung up on me. I have since called them 27 times talking to the same idiot telling him how much of a piece of crap I thought you was and to be careful when he leaves his scam office today after work. Going to download a demon call app and blow their minds karma is a bitch.

  105. Erika vanPoorten

    Had a call this morning from 202-864-1724 and then 202-622-5000. They first called and sent a pre-recorded message and when I called back I was talking to an Alex Martin. I was told that if I disconnected the line I would be sent to jail for 2 months without bail and then possibly be put in jail for 2 years. Was told to go to the bank and withdrawal close to $4000.00 dollars and then go to a Quickstop.
    Total crap.
    There is a government website you can go to and report this. please do. Just type in tigta and follow the links.

  106. Anita

    I was looking for some online information today, about the IRS phone scam. While I knew it was just a scam, my elderly father was not so convinced when he received one of these calls in his home,yesterday. I have found much information on the topic, to my surprise, that I can print for him. I will also be able to tell him about all the informative stories you have shared. Thanks much.
    And for all of the ‘gators out there, who enjoy calling these parasites, to keep them at bay, here is the number that called him: 312-924-7681 Gobble/call them up!

  107. Vijay

    They called me too, his name was Kevin Smith from number 7863580983. They said that are from IRS and his number is IRM3532. They said the same thing as they said to Eddie. They asked me to send money to them. Now I just received call from 7814517925.

    • KimJ

      I have received 2 calls from that number, claimed to be IRS, very heavy accents, says I did tax fraud/evasion and owed 1700$ and they issued a warrant for my arrest. I hung up on them and don’t answer that number anymore.

  108. Debra

    I just got a call with a recorded message saying it was my final notice that the IRS is filing a law suit against me and to call 530-393-2454 for details. Anyone else?

  109. maci dubs

    I got a message this morning form (347) 343-3415, the person was a woman with an Indian sounding accent, her name was mumbled and I could not understand it. She claimed to be calling form the IRS dept of investigations, claimed that there is an arrest warrant out in my name, and that if I do not call back they will forward my case info to the local police dept. I called the number back and, of course, it was no official irs number.


  110. martinlou

    Ah, inflation…my “irs” guy says i owe $7598!!! Has anyone been told to call them back on a cell phone so they can record the call? Why would they be so insistent on my using a cell phone???

    When i told “Mike” that i don’t have one, he told me to”go out and buy one”. this went on for several minutes with my repeating that i don’t have an extra $20 (he had assured me that a pre-paid card would only cost that). He got angrier and angrier, finally saying, “officer, you can go serve the arrest warrant now”, and, to me said, “the police will be at your door in a few minutes – don’t try to leave before they get there!”

    any thoughts on the cell phone issue?

    • Valerie Bradford

      We’ve found most of the IRS scammers want to talk you through the process of withdrawing money from the ATM and filling out the Moneygram form. If you are on a cell phone, they can continue to warn you not to speak to anyone else. This improves their chances of you completing the transaction.

  111. Rosalinda Hule

    I received a phone call on 3/31/16 the number was a 919-258-2012 claimed they were the IRS i did t know that they would never called but they threating me told me that my license were suspended that same day if i didnt pay what i owed they can call the police so i panic freaked out i cant go to jail i have 4 kids they didnt care told me to get vochers they said i can get it from cvs told me to stay on the phone and i did they told me to pick up itune cards wasnt thinking at the time i was so scared i bout them went to walgreens and gave them each of numbers to me then ince it was over told me they call again the next day bout 9 told me not to talk to failmy or anyone but then it clicked that what i did wasnt right but it to late i felt like a dumb person to fall for that i cant stop thinking of what i did how dumb could i be to fall for that but i did make a police report called the itune and they spent that money quick so i hope they get caught one day its not right what they r doing i wish i can go back to that day and hung up on that person but its to late.

    • Clark

      I was called today and knew it was a scam right away. I read this entire thread and here is another warning, don’t call any of the numbers people are leaving on this thread either. I noticed one guy who stated to call the IRS at ### and report it to the IRS. That number is not the IRS, it’s the scammers and they will ask you for your SS # and cc #s so they can use it to track the scammers. The scammers have figured out how to get you. They are embedded within the threads. Just FYI.

  112. Elaine

    Received a call today on my cell phone which I did not answer because I did not recognize the number – 802*431-7918. Said the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me and to call back the number for more information.

  113. J

    Add another number

    603 418 4182 from exter NH

    Next time they call I’ll know what to do.
    Except I put the number on my blocked call list on my phone.
    I do like the airhorn idea : )

  114. Maria

    They called me. The investigator gave me my social security number, date of birth, actual amount that was previously owed to the IRS. He convinced me to the point that I said I would go to the local IRS office to bring documents showing I paid. When he said that couldn’t be done because of some legal Mumbai jumble, I told him I was going to be disconnected and would call right back. He was threatening and very scary but I still called the real IRS number to verify and was false. Of course. I called the IRS fraud line. It is just scary that they have so much information. I almost bought it!

  115. Joe

    (202) 704-1221
    I received a voice mail from this informing me this was my final notice of an irs lawsuit against me.
    When I called the number back a woman with a heavy indian accent hung up on me.
    I called it back again and a man with a heavy indian accent proceeded to answer every question I asked by replying “yes?”

  116. brian

    my wife was scammed by these guys I called them back and got them to believe I was going to pay them then they made threats to me my family and I have also informed dept. of treasury ALSO MAGIC JACK no live agents in the us all in the Philippines very rude people I do believe they are involved I called the largest share owner of voltec parent company of magicjack which is us mainland held traded on the public market I asked her do you know the device you own 70% of is frauding people and reluctantly she said yes I she said she would get back to me have not heard I did contact magic jack law enforcement subpoena line she Megan she said she has the info for the phone numbers in question but cant give that to me WOW I give up now $4500 in thye hole

  117. tj

    Received a voicemail from “the IRS” stating they were suing me, and when I called the number back (202.288.5319), I spoke with “Officer Bob Cooper, badge #987278” (mind you he had a very heavy Indian accent), telling me that there was a warrant out for my arrest due to an error in reporting of my taxes between 2009-2015. He demanded I pay $3,710 over the phone, or else he would send the police over to my place to arrest me. Not gonna lie… I FREAKED OUT!! Wish I heard of this story before now… so thought I would spread the word. And no, I did not give him any money!

  118. Fred Sanford

    Every damn day these bastards keep calling from 202-630-7390.
    Why they heck doesn’t Android let me auto-ignore a number?
    More importantly why doesn’t the government track down this number and these bastards and why is spoofing a number possible? I refused to add myself to a do not call list. Seems to me it is just like the do not spam list where the fraudsters can just get a big list of your contact info.

  119. KB

    is 267-941-5135 a real IRS number? That number is local to me. I answered it thinking it was from someone in my area, and a woman by the name of Miss Phillips gave her badge number. She was American, and spoke nicely, no threats or anything. She asked me about setting up an installment plan (I really have an IRS debt) but she had all my personal information. I have a tax specialist handling taxes on my behalf so she should have called him, but she says she has no record of any authorization from a tax specialist. I find it odd that I would get a call from an IRS office at 7:00 p.m. on a Friday evening and saying she has no record of my tax specialist, and I also do not know how she got my phone number. I am sending all this info to my tax specialist!

  120. Nitana

    Got a call this morning from 1800 555 4477 and threatened me that they are going to arrest tx scam etc etc. as i did not respond properly they called from +1(1)(911) too. this is really strange and scary.

  121. Rachel Patterson

    Received 3 calls so far. 904-402-9192 – Katherine (Could not understand her last name).. Very heavy accent.. Says she’s from Federal Investigation Department. Very irritating…

  122. bishal

    Received a call (Ph : +1 911 ) from a guy with heavy Indian accent pretending to be a Cop & was telling that I would be arrested for TAX fraud. I was surprised initially, later he transferred me to some IRS officer, again a guy with Indian accent. He read something to me then I realized something was fishy here. I started asking him his details & told him I need to call 911 to verify details then he hung up. When I googled later I came across different IRS scam cases. This guy gave me a call again, later this time I was prepared with my friend. My friend ate his head then he hung up !

    These guys are intimidating & has to be taken care of by legal authority.

  123. I just got a call at 8am from a new York number 718-551-3763 asking if I have a attorney and I need to contact the irs back Mathew Connor cause basically I’m being investigated and owe them money and I need to call them right back. So now I’m reading all these messages and I see its fake I freaked out at 1st.they need to be stopted and everybody spread the word.

  124. Charlie Siah

    I received a call from phone number 315-307-0830 Syracuse, NY. It was a lady with Indian accent ( Emma Bennett). They even had someone pretended to be police and calling from 911 ( show on my phone) to threaten me for an arrest. At first I thought it was real. Then a Indian accent guy told me to go to bank withdraw cash and go to local moneygram to make payment. He wanted me to make multiple payment to different personal accounts. This is where I realized it was a SCAM. I immediately went to local police station and file a police report.

    “””Please file a police report & let people know about it “””

  125. Jacki

    Hey everyone, I was just scammed out of $2k last week. I’ve been in contact with multiple agencies, including TIGTA (Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration). They told me they are close to catching these guys after working with the Indian government. I was subtly encouraged to contact the local news. If you wouldn’t mind contacting me, I’m sure there are many more like us out there that aren’t admitting they got scammed out of embarrassment. I want to warn others and would love to have more accounts of this scam to take to the news. I would definitely leave your name or other info our of it, if you prefer.

  126. Yulia

    I just got my first voice message from “Federal Department of Investigation” calling from 904-402-9206. I didn’t pick up so a woman left me voice saying she is “Sara/Pamela Wilson?”. I couldn’t make up the rest of a message because it was rather muffled. Definitely not calling them back.

  127. Rick

    It Just happened to me!!! I got an automated call saying the IRS was filing a lawsuit against me and to call number 202-836-9679. A man with a heavy Indian accent “Officer John Martin” (I was suspicious already) said they had done an audit for the years 2010 -2014 and I owed..4585.00 Claimed they sent certified letters which were not signed for and returned. They had a warrant for my arrest. Then asked me if I had the funds available. (I did) They then said they would only take electronic transfer and I had to get CASH first!! That’s when I knew it was a scam. NEVER GIVE THEM YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. ASK THEM TO GIVE IT TO YOU. If they don’t know it…they are not the IRS. Plus..the Indian accent..John Martin…ya know…

  128. Huy Dang

    I have just had the same message at 1(213)141-5163 asking me to call back to 1(347)637-6194. The person who answer me had strong Indian accent under the name Sam Wilson. Same conversation similar to others and at the end asking for the one time settlement fee of $2400 paying immediately, that hinted me this is a scam. I ended up threatening him and got a hang up. Lucky me. Just want to share the story and numbers.

  129. VJM

    I received a couple of similar phone calls from “Federal Investigation Department”, “investigating officer James Wilson OR Olson”. This person called me on 5/3/16 from (904) 402-9206 and on 5/4/16 from (904) 383-4147. I did not answer. His voice mail messages contained information, such as a legal case pending against my name and my arrest (should I not contact them)…

  130. Timothy Gillespie

    I received a call from 718-615-5162. The person identified themselves as Leslie Owen. The message was that I was the subject of an enforcement action and I must return the call. I did call back within five minutes, but got a voicemail answer saying “the Magic Jack cucstomer I was trying to reach was unavailable.

  131. j.h.

    These people have been harassing me for the past three to four years. The first time they called me I was extremely frightened and did not know what was going on. I contacted the irs, and they were unaware of any case for or against me, and ciuld offer no more advice on who to call or where to report it to. So, though i wasnt expecting another call from these people, i received one about a month later, this time I told them that I had retained an attorney, and they could keep correspondence with him, i pretended like I was shuffling through papers looking for his number, and they hung up on me. This is when I knew it was a scam. They continue to call and leave messages on my voip number to this day about once every thirty days or so. I think that it is an awful thing that people from another country are calling representing our government offices in order for their financial gain. I can’t believe that this hasn’t been announced at all to raise public awareness, and I cannot believe that they have not been investigated with vigor. I had no idea who to call or report to, and stumbled across this by accident. Now that Ive read about this I feel relieved that I see something at least to let me know I didn’t hang up on the FBI. Every time I receive a message, I question”what if” in the back of my mind, and that leaves me quite unsettled for a couple of days. So at least, these calls have been harassing. At most, they’ve interrupted my daily life for a week out of every month for the past, like I said three to four years. I go through my head, well, if they were really after me, they would come arrest me, and would have done it already… then have to convince myself, okay,they aren’t real. Then I go through, we’ll what if this is the time they really are going to come arrest me??? It has been quite a disturbing experience As a citizen of the United States,one doesn’t want to be pursued by federal agents, you know. I am so glad to see that there are other people that know about this and have spoken up. And will report the numbers accordingly. Thank you for your posts.

  132. BrakX

    I just got a call too. They asked for my wife (who is Japanese) at 1st and then they feed me the same info. He claimed his name was David Wilson IRS #1826827 (214-275-9222). As soon as they started to say arrest warrant and they would contact local authorities, I said I would layer up and call back. He promptly hung up.

  133. Seth

    Today even I got into same trap. Luckily I did not paid. I just doubted that yesterday I posted my phone number and name in a public portal for room sharing.

  134. Don

    Hey. Just got a VM about the IRS suing me. Call back number was 224-200-1110. Clearly a scam. No better than the Microsoft scam. May need to play with these guys if my insomnia kicks in!!

    My goal is to keep them on the line as long as possible. Ask stupid questions and give them dumber answers. My calls usually end with an exchange of unpleasantries. Oh well. Did I say my name was Ben Dover? Very sophomoric but fun to see what you can get them to say. My accountant is Dick Hertz. Ha ha. I crack myself up!!

    Have fun.

  135. I had the same problem yesterday, they called me from 2 different numbers… tried to tell me I owed 5grand of unpaid taxes between the years of 2009 and 2014, I was like whatever and hung up…. and they kept calling all day long with that stupid recording. And yes, two different guys with mid eastern accents were talking to me….I almost fell for it, but I knew I didn’t owe all that money and I realized they were scammers! Never picked up the phone again when they tried to call back!

  136. yeni777

    They almost got me! I just received a phone call from phone number (506)641-1258. It was a machine saying it was the IRS and for me to call the number back because the IRS had filed a lawsuit against me for evading taxes. I am caught off guard and totally confused, maybe they got the wrong number or something since I’ve only had this cellphone number a few months. First of all, the person on the phone had a horrible accent I could barely understand what she was saying. She gave me her “Badge ID” and said I owed $7,986 from 7 years of taxes….. and on and on……..anyway, I was freaking out and said I needed to see paperwork since I’ve never gotten anything from the IRS in the mail. She literally said “you have 1 HOUR to pay this amount, there is a warrant out for your arrest, I have suspended your drivers license, your passport and your social security number, and you will get arrested if you don’t agree to pay”
    Scared the living hell out of me, I put the phone down (did not hang up) eventually talked to my manager, she got on the phone and told them to F*** Off and hung up.

    Its funny now, but I am sure they have scammed many people doing this because they catch you off guard and give you a deadline to pay them or else…

  137. Cap Tin Wi Tu Low

    I get 1-2 calls per week to my cell phone. Usually they are from American Renewable Energy for solar panels and some from lower my credit card rate (which I don’t have any debt on them) but now I have been getting the IRS scam call from “Unknown” number. All previous calls from telemarketers have been blocked on my cell phone and I add them into my contacts as telemarketers. But these IRS scammers are coming in as unknown and I don’t have a phone number to block. SO…. my only choice was to call back the number they left in the message which is 347-637-6194… I blocked my number as I dialed it and of course I got the typical indian scammer on the other side (build a wall). Now that I have called them 25 times (and counting) they won’t answer my phone calls anymore. Guess they have me blocked? oh well… buy a goat or two.

  138. poproc

    Well, they are still at it. Three calls today from 855-881-7220, a recording advising I should call back. I made the call several times and played with the person on the other end. I think I upset the last guy, he said “Fine I will forward this information to your State Police Dept. and they will be there to pick you up in 30 minutes.” This time he3 hung up. I blocked that number, tired of playing. LOL…..

  139. Mr Crisco

    646-918-5595 I had a good time with them. I work in the telecomm field. We have a server that can generate calls. I set it to call them automatically with 99 retries x4 calls at a time. when they answer they will hear fax tone. I hope it drives them fucking nuts.

  140. Richard Bryant

    Came from 206-539-5268, he could barely speak english. I told him “may the fleas of a thousand elephants infest your armpits” and hung up.

  141. Patricia Turner

    I just received a call from 206-539-5268 threatening me. I called the number back and some foreigner answered with Internal Revenue Service.

  142. C. Howitt Fielz

    Anyone receiving these calls should take one of those airhorns used a sports events and blast it right into the mouthpiece. It will leave those bast-hards deaf for an hour or so. These sort of scammers are the lowest of the the low and deserve jail time and/or physical beatings. How else can they be taught a lesson of not cheating fellow humans? They think intimidating innocent people is a big joke, so they need to have the tables turned on them.

    I doubt much happens to these d-bags when they’re caught because the enforcement agents have to handle them with kid gloves or they’ll claim their rights are being violated. These swindling punks need to be taken into a back room and smacked about their heads with billy clubs or hard rubber hoses. America is too civilized to cut out their lying tongues.

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