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Written by: Pindrop

Contact Center Fraud & Authentication Expert

Pindrop was named a hot cybersecurity company in 2021 by cybercrime magazine. This annual list recognizes the most innovative companies in cybersecurity. Pindrop has made the list as the only contact center security provider – none of our competitors made the list. 
For fraud and contact center professionals interested in protecting their customers’ internal data – this post will be covering some of the reasons why Pindrop – made this list of distinguished cybersecurity companies. 

Contact Center Security The Pindrop Way – How Pindrop® Protects

Pindrop® leverages data points gleaned from five proprietary technologies on one platform. 
Deep Voice Engine
Next-gen voice biometrics optimized for noisy conditions, speaker aging, and multi-voice enrollment.
Patented Phoneprinting 
Analyzes over 1,300 characteristics of a call’s full audio to determine its risk and catch first-time fraud calls.
Comprehensive Metadata Collection
Network Analysis, uses ANI risk, velocity, account and carrier risk, smart listing, and phone number reputation. 
Behavioral Analysis
Heuristic analysis monitors and analyzes non-monetary transactions, robotic dialing, and keypress habits.
Trace, Graph Analysis
Pindrop Trace® correlates activities across calls, accounts, and time to analyze relationships within seemingly unrelated data sets to find and prevent more fraud, faster.  
Pindrop proactively defends customers’ data, hardens contact center to attacks, and secures customer experiences with two products focused on preventing fraud and ensuring customer identity. 

Protect Supercharges Fraud Teams

Protect passively works in the background to monitor calls and account events to identify anomalies without requiring genuine customers to jump through hoops. 
Protect Identifies Phone Channel Fraud – Caller Risk Identification
Protect analyzes thousands of indicators across the fraud event lifecycle – from account mining and reconnaissance in the IVR to social engineering attacks against agents.  As agents engage with callers, Protect analyzes audio, voice, and metadata of the caller
Protect Identifies Cross-Channel Fraud – Account Risk Identification
Protect analyzes every incoming call for characteristics that tag a call as suspicious and then relates this to account activity to identify at-risk accounts. This information can also be used as an indicator of potential cross-channel fraud.
Protect Provides Advanced Tools to Investigate and Monitor Fraud 
Protect features a best in class case management tool that flags calls based on a customizable risk threshold. The case management tool provides a comprehensive view of the call in a noise-canceling UI – significantly reducing false positives, increasing efficiency, and giving fraud analyst teams the ability to connect fraud activity across multiple channels and accounts. 

Pindrop® Verifies Consumers Instantly

Passport uses proprietary multi-factor risk-based authentication processes, leveraging thousands of factors including call risk, behavior, device, and voice for the identification of incoming callers. 
Passport Reduces Average Handle Time and Associated Costs 
Passport reduces average handle times by 45 seconds per call. Helping to optimize contact center workforces, increase capacity for calls, and improve IVR containment rates.
Passport Improves Customer Experience and Expands Self-Service Options
Passport replaces annoying and intrusive KBAs with passive authentication enables more secure self-service options in the phone channel, empowering customers to decrease call volume by finding answers on their own. 
Passport Enhances Brand Reputation By Ensuring Consumer Data Security
Passport helps to improve net promoter score with a seamless customer experience and call flow, simplifying resolutions while strengthening security.

Founded in 2011 by Dr. Vijay Balasubramaniyan, Dr. Paul Judge, and Dr. Mustaque Ahamad, Pindrop Security is a leader in contact center security and provides advanced solutions for authentication to some of the world’s largest enterprises. Pindrop enables better customer experiences, quickly authenticates genuine users, reduces wait times, and provides real-time alerts to protect businesses from malevolent account access and takeover. Passport is voice and device-agnostic, passive, and is trained to prevent algorithmic biases present in other AI-powered solutions.To learn more about Pindrop’s anti-fraud and caller authentication capabilities – visit Pindrop Pulse to view on-demand and live webcasts on a variety of topics concerning contact center security.