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Written by: Pindrop

Contact Center Fraud & Authentication Expert

Pindrop has partnered with TiVo to deliver a more streamlined and frictionless content discovery experience for consumers, unlocked through voice AI. This partnership enables a more personalized TV viewing experience that understands distinct preferences and privacy settings, distinguishing between voices. This allows for completely hands-free viewing, with far fewer steps than the traditional method of using the remove for every request.  

How It Works

Through everyday interactions with voice-enabled features, TiVo’s Conversation Services products will develop more personalized experiences for each household member. Leveraging Pindrop’s advanced voice authentication capabilities, the behaviors are aligned with their voice. This alignment will power tailored experiences without the need for the user to switch profiles or update settings. 

Our voice AI analyzes over 250 specific biological and behavioral characteristics and is not materially impacted by speaker age, sickness, background noise, or even face-mask usage. Pindrop’s voice authentication will maintain accuracy, regardless of these environmental conditions. 

“We believe that with our state-of-the-art voice authentication technology combined with TiVo’s expertise in the OTT video space, we’ll be able to unlock new experiences for consumers across the globe… and we’re just getting started,”
-Vijay Balasubramaniyan, Pindrop CEO

Additionally, though Pindrop does specialize in caller authentication and verification, this solution will not know or attempt to identify the person speaking and require user opt-in to become operational.

Why Is Pindrop Partnering With TiVo Now?

In 2020 consumer demand for voice-enabled solutions rose as consumers searched for ways to simplify their entertainment experiences. With the explosion of streaming services to account for risky activities like movie-going that are no longer safe, consumers are increasingly finding themselves in what feels like a crowded streaming space. How can consumers create a more personalized experience across sometimes hundreds of streaming platforms existing on their set-top boxes? Pindrop + TiVo. 

While current voice recognition capabilities exist on some platforms, they do not personalize the experience and are often impacted dramatically by environmental factors like background noise, face masks, or sickness. In a world where many of us are regularly sequestered at home with one or more of these factors, these less powerful voice recognition abilities become obsolete. 

Starting today, developers can request access to this technology to help create more frictionless and personalized experiences across media streaming and smart tv platforms. Visit for more information about the technology, its applications, and how it can help differentiate your platform in what can seem like an endless sea of content. You can also check out the official press release announcing Pindrop’s partnership with TiVo here.