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Written by: Pindrop

Contact Center Fraud & Authentication Expert

Did you know that like the rest of your body, your voice is not immune from the ravages of time? Your vocal cords lose elasticity and flexibility and can even dry out. The larynx is a muscle just like any other and can atrophy, become thinner and weaker over time. Your lung size can even decrease over time. All of these natural factors can alter your voice as you age, not to mention other voice impacting health issues or a lifelong smoking habit.  

Voice biometrics are designed to provide a frictionless experience by recognizing your customers with ease, but what happens if your customers only call into your business once a year – or less?

Pindrop® Labs found only 48% of customers called their banks during an eight-month period, and only 25-50% of the calls exited to the agent (range dependent upon IVR quality). Voice prints taken at the first call to the bank would be significantly different after an eight-month duration of no calls. Aging decreases accuracy due to alterations in pitch and voice speed, with noticeable degradation to voice prints beginning after only four months.

So even when you reach critical mass on your enrollment, you will still face ongoing challenges with false negatives and customers who are unhappy that their voice will no longer grant them access to their account. There is no resetting a voice like a password, so an aging voice needs to be accounted for within your call center authentication solution.

For more information on voice aging, tune into our on-demand webinar hosted by our Principal Research Scientist, Ellie Khoury here.