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Fraud costs don’t start in your finance department. They start in your IVR, online, and occur inside and outside of your contact center. While you are aware of the media reported mega-breaches that plague companies and consumers both, have you considered your contact center’s place in the journey from data capture to fraudulent transaction and account takeover? Read more resources here.

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Beating the Bad Guys:

of financial institutions are likely to invest in contact center fraud prevention technology in the next two years.


Safe and Secure Transactions in the IVR


Our mission is to provide security, identity and trust on every voice interaction.

Aite describes the current market environment of contact center fraud in financial institution contact centers, fraud activity in interactive voice response (IVR), and financial institution’s technology investment plans to combat such fraud.

You will learn how FI's protect contact centers, where investments in IVR monitoring are going over the next years and the top business case drivers for fraud technology investments. Aite also reports on what fraud institutions are seeing in their IVRs today.   

Download today to learn more about:

  • Top three areas getting technology funding.

  • The current state of contact centers and their ability to monitor and detect fraud in the IVR.

  • How to provide additional fraud savings above and beyond what is detected by other fraud prevention systems in place.

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Our mission is to provide security, identity and trust on every voice interaction