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Mobile App Voice ID & Security

Easily embed our DeepVoice Engine via Cloud APIs to create more secure, personalized customer experiences.

Your customer’s voice is the key to unlocking
their next great experience

Provide secure, personalized, and intuitive access to the applications your customers care about most using their most unique quality—their voice.

Flexible Cloud APIs

  • Fast and easy deployment into your application
  • Always up-to-date with latest algorithms
  • Robust developer resources

Privacy by Design

  • No collection or analysis of personal information
  • Creates anonymized voice profiles
  • Utilizes hashed identifiers only

International Reach

  • Content & language agnostic
  • One-click geographic deployments in over 18 countries

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Build with Voice

Authenticate, personalize, and safeguard your customers via voice to create stickier, more intuitive in-app experiences

Frictionless Authentication

Fast Account Recovery

Customized User Profiles

Secure Transactions

Speaker Recognition

Enhanced Audio Interactions

The Future of Voice

Many authentication technologies create friction and even vulnerability for the people they are supposed to help. Pindrop’s voice authentication technology replaces impediments with speed and convenience to ensure that only the right people have access to what they need, while those who don’t are kept out.


By utilizing over 250 voice characteristics including gender, age, language, accent, dialect, and emotion, your software or application can bring voice access, engagement, and control to the next level, increasing security and providing better customer experiences.

Crypto Wallets
& Exchanges

Expedite account lockout restoration, verify high-risk transactions, and secure customer account access.

Banking & Investment Apps

Banking & Investment Apps Create trust for user-to-user transfers, verify large transactions, and increase account security.

Home Security & Controls

Differentiate users and create customized profiles, verify voice commands, and prevent unauthorized access.

Social Community Apps

Allow verification of user profiles for voice only channels so users can know their community is safe.

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