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Pindrop has just announced an evolution for Pindrop® Protect, our industry-leading anti-fraud solution now extending its protection into the IVR and finds more fraud leveraging Trace, graphic analysis technology. 

Join Pindrop Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Horne as he talks about the new technology, and the future of graphic analytics to predict fraud. We will also include Q&A.


What is Pindrop Trace?

Trace connects  seemingly unrelated activities to reveal patterns that indicate fraudulent activity and provides:

  • Increase accuracy, reduce false positives, and improve cross-channel fraud detection.

  • A more complete view of your company’s “fraud universe”

  • Fraud predictions by analyzing relationships between behaviors, accounts, other parameters

  • Connections to seemingly disconnected activities across time, accounts, and activities

Our mission is to provide security, identity and trust on every voice interaction

We've Accumulated Resources to Help You Deal With Fraud

Fraud costs don’t start in your finance department. They start in your IVR, online, and occur inside and outside of your contact center. While you are aware of the media reported mega-breaches that plague companies and consumers both, have you considered your contact center’s place in the journey from data capture to fraudulent transaction and account takeover? Read more resources here.

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[Webinar] Launch Recap and Q&A with Pindrop CMO Mark Horne

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Thursday, October 22, 1:00 PM / 6:00 PM BST

Presented By:
Mark Horne, CMO, Pindrop

Mark Horne
Chief Marketing Officer, Pindrop

Mark Horne is the Chief Marketing Officer at Pindrop. He is a holistic marketing executive with a proven career record of driving strategic development and operational execution of transformational, customer-centric initiatives that impact and support organizations’ mission and growth objectives. He has led high-performing organizations across the B2B cloud, software, and technology landscape. He has a comprehensive background in creating and spearheading strategies and programs that drive marketing planning strategy, brand awareness, customer demand, and revenue growth. Mark has a B.S. in Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Northeastern University in Boston, an MBA from Georgia State, and is an Executive Scholar at Kellog School of Management.