The Looming Fraud Problem Facing Retailers

call-center-whitepaperIn the retail space, fraudsters exploit the human weaknesses of a call center agents through techniques such as spoofing, voice distortion, and social engineering. With stolen credit card numbers, answers to security questions, and other basic account information, fraudsters can easily surpass call center authentication methods, gaining access to personal customer accounts and make purchases in their name.

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How to Prevent Phone Fraud

general-whitepaperPhone fraud is used by attackers to mask their origin, steal identities, take over accounts, and perform other malicious activity. Pindrop Security has developed a breakthrough product that helps detect, report and prevent phone fraud. We have developed a patent-pending solution that can identify key attributes of any phone call including the device used, ID, call path, and geographic point of origin. Look at it as a call “fingerprint” that helps clients identify and avoid fraud.

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Phone Security in the Public Sector

government-whitepaperEvery day, hundreds of thousands of people call US government and other public sector agencies. But those call center agents, who are focused on doing their best to help citizens, have another problem to deal with. Hidden among those legitimate callers are a group of callers with other motives: reconnaissance, identity theft, and more. In fact, new research in the private sector indicates that about 1 in every 2,200 calls to a call center is a skilled fraudster with experience in social engineering and data mining, and with special technology designed to abet an attack.

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Protecting Customer Experience While Controlling Contact Centre Fraud

It’s a growing problem for contact centre managers: how do organisations balance meeting customer expectations for efficient service while protecting them from fraud? Asking for more information from customers can complicate the user experience and present new opportunities for fraudsters to hone their approach. More importantly, these security issues may lead to reputational damage and loss of revenue for contact centres.

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Call Center Authentication

call-center-whitepaperCall centers are increasingly under fire. New technologies, such as voice biometrics and phone printing, designed to authenticate callers, are being widely considered to address the problem. In this whitepaper, we discuss the issues enterprises are facing in deploying these technologies and how to ensure your solution is effective out of the box and robust as attackers respond and shift tactics.

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GDPR Compliance

call-center-whitepaperIn response to the growing threat of security breaches, countries across the European Union (EU) have enacted stringent legislation and regulation regarding the protection of personal data. As organisations prepare for the GDPR to go into effect, they need to focus on the vulnerabilities of all communication channels, particularly the phone channel, where personal data is constantly collected and processed.

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