Deep Intelligence

For Every Call

We analyze each call encountered using Pindrop Network intelligence to provide front-end intelligence about the call reputation and history. 

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Pindrop Calll Center Authentication & Anti-Fraud Network


The Pindrop Network provides call intelligence that includes baseline claims extracted from the metadata of a call, as well as behavioral and historical information about the phone number.

Call Center Spoof Detection Phoneprinting

Detect Spoofing

Compare Pindrop Network intelligence to Phoneprinting results to detect spoofing.

Pindrop Call Center Authentication Solutions

Analyze Behavior

Evaluate caller and phone number behavior and history across multiple organizations.

Pindrop Call Center Authentication & Security

Score Risk

Quickly assess baseline call characteristics and develop an initial risk score.

Why is this technology unique?

Pindrop Network intelligence provides a quick preliminary call assessment informed by consortium intelligence from over 440 million calls per year. We use carrier signaling and telco data, as well as caller behavior and metadata analytics to identify legitimate and fraudulent activity.

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