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Call Center Fraud Vectors & Fraudsters Defeated

Following Call Center Fraud Vectors and Fraudsters: Analyzed, this webinar discusses the effect fraudsters can leave on call centers and what measures can be taken to protect your organization. Learn how fraudsters subvert legacy and single factor solutions and what is needed to keep them out of your call center. Call center executives, fraud, and security teams must work together to transform call center experience to include additional security measures beyond voice biometrics, caller ID, and other legacy solutions.

Join Pindrop’s Director of Fraud Prevention and Strategy, Shawn Hall, to dive into the how these fraudsters were detected and the revealing data we’ve collected from fraudsters such as Mommy Dearest, Mr. Roboto and others:

  • Staggering statistics around the growing problem in the call center
  • Fraudster sophistication is simplifying attacks
  • Global fraud challenges
  • How to secure your call center and improve customer experience