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Why Recent Data Breaches Don’t Matter to Your Enterprise

The latest credit reporting and bureau data breach frenzy has been reported by CNN as “one of the worst ever”, by its reach and by the kind of information exposed to the public. Millions of consumers are worried about how to protect themselves, but how should enterprises react and adjust their fraud strategy?

The fact of the matter is, data breaches at this scale are nothing new. High profile breaches such as those at Yahoo, Target, River City Media, MySpace, eBay and TK/TJ Maxx have all occurred in the past ten years. Personally identifiable information (PII) has been available on the dark web for much longer for as low as $1. The increase in fraud over the past few years was impacted by the number of breaches we see in the news, but more heavily from the increase in the sophistication of tactics fraudsters use to leverage the data gained from these breaches.

At Pindrop, we’ve seen that one of the biggest gaps in enterprise fraud strategies is implementing the right detection solutions to protect the weakest channel: the call center. Join Pindrop’s Anti-Fraud Specialist, Ben Cunningham, for an insightful look into ways fraudsters leverage PII from data breaches to infiltrate enterprises through the call center. You’ll learn:

  • Fraudster’s social engineering techniques
  • The fraud trends that attack your call center
  • How the largest banks protect their call centers from fraud