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3-Part Series: New Year, New Voice Part 1: The Problem of Voice Aging in Biometric Security

Your customers’ voices are changing — can your voice biometric system recognize them?

As we age, our voices increase in pitch, decrease in speed, and go through numerous other changes — common phenomena that present some significant challenges to voice biometric security systems.

Why is voice aging an issue for today’s call center? Accuracy for recorded voice models can degrade significantly in just four months, according to Pindrop® Labs research. At the same time, nearly half of customers only call their bank once in an eight-month period, and 22% call only twice in the same timeframe. So, how can your business reliably and efficiently authenticate customers without re-enrolling them every time they call?

Join us for the first webinar in a three-part series as Pindrop Labs Principal Research Scientist, Elie Khoury discusses the challenges of voice aging for biometric security systems. Attendees of this 30-minute webinar will learn about:

  • Contributing factors to changes and degradations in voice models, including age, recording conditions, and more
  • Shared characteristics of voice aging and how to compensate for them
  • The importance of multi-factor authentication
  • Possible solutions to the voice aging problem, with or without updated voice models
  • And more