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How PSCU & Pindrop Protect Members by Defeating Fraudsters In the Phone Channel


Call center fraud has climbed 350% in the past 4 years and fraud vectors are evolving. Leading credit union service organization, PSCU has decided to fight these fraudsters head-on with the innovative tools necessary in what tends to be the least protected channel: the phone channel.

Last year, PSCU partnered with Pindrop, the pioneer in call center anti-fraud and authentication, to proactively block attempted fraud and move quickly to protect the available credit of those accounts from potential fraud loss. Join Brian StJohn, Fraud Operations Manager at Pindrop for this private, invitation-only webcast to learn:

– Current tactics from fraudsters like the Good Samaritan, the Racketeer and Mommy Dearest who prey on your agents and do reconnaissance in your phone channel
– Why single-factor security is outdated and what you can do with voice security
How Pindrop & PSCU partnered to catch $1Million in fraud in the first month

Brian will dive into the technology behind the crime fighting and discuss specifically how Pindrop’s patented Phoneprinting analyzes calls to identify malicious behavior and verify legitimate members.