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The Future of Voice, Fraud and Impact to Customer Experience

With physical and online information security always growing stronger and harder to crack, fraudsters gravitate toward the weakest link in your security—your contact center and voice channels. For many years, our annual fraud reports have shown that fraudsters increasingly exploit the phone channel. Fraud rates continue to increase every year, and this year is no different with a continued increase from 2016 (1 in 937 calls) and 2017 (1 in 638 calls), 47%.

In this session, we will dive into this year’s fraud trends and emerging threats such as:

  • Fraud rates by industry, highlighting fraud trends in insurance, financial institutions, utilities, healthcare and retail
  • The data breaches and omnichannel security gaps that have impacted these trends
  • New fraudsters to watch out for like “Policy Marm”, “The Tourist” and “Chicken Little”
  • Vectors such as imitation replay attacks and voice modification software
  • And more!