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Call Center Fraud Vectors & Fraudsters Defeated

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Date: August 9,  2018
Time: 11:00 am EST/ 4 pm BST

Call Center Fraud Vectors & Fraudsters Defeated Webinar

Pindrop® Labs has found fraud rates up 160%, indicating this $14B problem is not going away anytime soon. We’ve analyzed hundreds of millions of calls and helped to catch some aggressive fraudsters like the Good Samaritan who preys on your agents, the Racketeer who pushes his way through for data recon, and Mommy Dearest who leverages her crying baby to tug on the heartstrings of your agents for unauthorized account access.

These attackers are bypassing your single-factor security measures and helpful agents for financial gain – hurting not only your customers but your brand and bottom line. Join our Vice President of Fraud Prevention and Strategy, formerly Dir. of Fraud Ops at E*Trade, Shawn Hall for a deep dive into:

  • How Pindrop caught relentless, real-life fraudsters
  • What next-gen call centers are doing to deter these attacks
  • Fighting crime with science, like Phoneprinting 

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