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Call Center Fraud Vectors & Fraudsters Analyzed: Summer Break Edition

The summer is in full swing and while your customers may be thinking about taking that vacation, fraudsters are figuring out new ways to attack your weakest channel, the phone channel, to hack their loyalty points, take over their accounts and book that Bahamas cruise they’ve always wanted to go on.

In fact, today, 1 in 937 calls into phone channel are fraudsters socially engineering your reps to steal your customer’s data and damage your pristine reputation.

Don’t think they’re getting around your fraud detection and authentication methods? Chances are if you’re not deterring fraud with Phoneprinting™ or authenticating your customers with Pindrop’s Deep Voice technologies, millions of dollars are likely bleeding through your phone channel.

Curious as to who we’ve caught so far? Pindrop® Labs has analyzed 440 million calls, from the top eight U.S. banks, top five insurers and additional enterprise call centers, and has identified six recurring techniques and eight fraudster profiles that you’ll want to investigate.

Join Pindrop’s Director of Fraud Prevention and Strategy, formerly the Director of Fraud Operations at E*TRADE Clearing, Shawn Hall, to hear about the real-life attacks and techniques such as IVR mining, vishing and social engineering. We’ve uncovered fraudsters like:

  • Mr. Roboto the robotic dialing master
  • Mommy Dearest the stressed out mother
  • The Mad Russian whose demanding voice could coerce anyone
  • And 7 more

We’ll run through their tactics, tools and real-life call transcripts to give you an idea of how fraudsters are flooding your lines.

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