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Breaking Spoof Detection


Do you know the difference between spoof detection, validation and how risk plays a critical role in your contact center? There are a variety of solutions out there claiming to catch spoofed caller IDs, but some can be easily subverted. Join this webinar to hear what you need to know when choosing a spoof detection solution.

At Pindrop, we apply Caller Id validation AND spoofed detection as well as assess the risk of inbound phone calls. Quickly assessing and validating if you can trust the ANI or caller Id can help speed up the call process and enable a faster and more customized experience. We will also uncover some of the clever ways bad actors are getting traditional spoof detection solutions today.

In this session you will learn:

  • How automatic number id(or ANI) spoof detection and ANI validation perform very different tasks and why you need both
  • Best practices for detecting high risk calls without lengthy question and answer sessions
  • Tips to dramatically improve the customer experience, add personalization and increase self service capabilities

Watch the on-demand session now.