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You’re in a difficult spot. Your customers want you to value their time and to provide a speedy, frictionless experience — 74% of which would switch brands if you can’t provide this experience.

However, a major reason we’ve seen the fraud rate continue to increase (47% this past year) is that organizations struggle to find the appropriate balance, and tend to keep traditional security measures in place — often to the detriment of the organization’s customer experience.

This webinar will uncover the real cost of fraud versus the cost of customer churn, trends that impact the CX in your voice channels that you should remain mindful of and discuss how this delicate balance of CX and security can be achieved with the right tools. Highlights include :

  • Scaling internal growth with AI to manage the ballooning volumes of voice interactions across your channels
  • Reaching the golden trifecta of satisfying customers, reducing fraud and keeping your call center operational costs low