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Aite Group: Contact Centers The Fraud Enablement Channel

New research from the Aite Group and Pindrop proves that organized fraud rings are attacking contact centers more than ever before. What are some of the world’s leading call centers doing to stop it?

Aite’s Senior Analyst, Shirley Inscoe, and Pindrop’s Director of Research, David Dewey, discuss the growing threat of call center fraud and best practices for detection. Hear the results of interviews with executives from 18 of the largest US financial institutions, as well as an analysis of over 10 million calls to major enterprise call centers around the world. You will learn:

  • How the EMV transition and recent data breaches are contributing to the growth in call center fraud
  • How pre-fraud attacks in the call center lead to cross-channel account takeovers
  • How fighting call center fraud creates more problems, including high operations costs and poor customer experience
  • What to look for in a call center fraud detection solution and what solutions are available today
  • Solution recommendations and ratings from top FI executives