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Tackling the 113% Fraud Increase in Call Centers

With current fraudulent call rates of 1 in 937, call center executives, fraud and security teams must work together to transform the call center experience to include additional security measures beyond just voice biometrics, caller ID, ANI authentication and KBAs.

Several key factors affect this dramatic fraud increase including rapid adoption of the EMV chip, growing sophistication of attackers,  weak call center security and accessibility of data.

Join Pindrop®  Labs’ Director of Research, Dr. David Dewey, to dive into the revealing data we’ve collected and analyzed from over half a billion calls. Attendees will learn:

  • Staggering statistics around the growing problem in the call center
  • Fraudster sophistication is simplifying attacks
  • Industry-by-industry overview
  • Global fraud challenges
  • How to secure your call center and improve customer experience