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Why Should Enterprises Consider the Move to a Cloud Based Contact Center?


Video Transcript

Well, a lot of reasons, right? There’s a lot of great functionality out there. Think about our partnership with Amazon Connect everything that you can do so simply in the cloud. And ultimately, one of the things that we see most frequently is the reduction in burden on staff and employment and infrastructure and all of these costs and operational tasks that have to occur within someone’s data center.

In addition, I think what you’ll see is the operationalization is typically a little bit different for customers who are using the cloud products because they’re API based versus a feed. You’re able to operationalize or implement these into your flows much easier. Right? And I think that’s things that we’re seeing that customers who are already making the considerations to move to the cloud or already using cloud services. They’re more accustomed to being able to make changes faster, do things that are API based, real-time decisioning, green or red, that type of thing, on the fly being able to make a decision so they can do things like reduce average handle time or increase containment in the IVR, that type of thing.