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What is Tone Printing?


Video Transcript

Toneprinting is used as a component in Pindrop’s device authentication. The authentication products that we have look at multiple factors. One of them is device, one of them is voice, and then the behavior. The device factor leverage this Toneprinting technology to assure that the device used by the user is the device they should be using. Essentially, anytime somebody presses a key on a touch-tone phone, it creates two different frequencies, one low frequency, one high frequency. And those frequencies are unique to the key that is pressed. That’s leveraged to send commands to the telephony switching system. And we are able to analyze that, extract the audio features of those DTMF tones. And that’s used as a component in the device decisioning process of our authentication products. And what we have found in our research is that these audio features of the DTMF tones are unique to the device type and carrier.